Wednesday 29 June 2016

Back In The Land Of The Living

Hello Blog-land!  I have missed you dearly.  I was so pumped to get back on the writing train and make a much better effort at blogging.  Of course, that is when the summer colds and stomach flu hit and all was lost.  Okay, not really lost, but you catch my drift.  We are starting to feel much better around here, thankfully, with Miss. E finishing her fight with this cold.  She has a harder time with such things, because of her lung issues.  She is, however, eating and playing again which was a relief to see after that nasty stomach bug!

I have been brainstorming as to how I should go about getting back on the blogging train.  For July, I plan to post every day.  I think that this commitment, although crazy, will help me learn to schedule the time to spend on my blog.  The posts won't be long or elaborate, but they will be present.  It is my hope that this will spur on better time management on my part so that I can work to dedicate more effort to Peaceful Simple Life.

I love this world of blogging and the friends that I have made in it.  I feel like I really know all of you and I promise to make a better effort to catch up with you on your blogs.  I have missed you!  I plan to spend time over the next few days reading the posts that I have missed.  I will be back for "High Five For Friday" and to kick off my month of blogging!  Thanks for sticking with me!

Friday 10 June 2016

Hello Friday! 10.06.16

I haven't done a link up in FOREVER. (At least it feels that way.)  I am still trying to get my head on straight with this living in 2 cities thing.  Anyway, I am happy to join in the link up again!  I am particularly excited for this Friday.  I get to go see Garth Brooks in concert tonight!  I have never seen Garth Brooks in concert and I grew up listening to his music.  It should be a fun night!  Here are the 5 highlights from my week:

1.)  Miss. E broke my sunglasses this week.  I don't really buy expensive sunglasses, but it was still a bummer.  I found a new pair, however, and I actually like them more than my old ones!  They fit better and the lens colour is really nice!

2.)  We had a family supper night out on Sunday and it was really nice.  Miss. E was pretty calm and happy, so Hubby and I got some conversation in.  It was a much needed family outing and the food was great!

3.)  On Saturday we participated in the Red Shoe Walk, benefiting the Ronald McDonald House.  We stayed at the House when our daughter was in NICU after her birth.  It truly is a home away from home for the families of sick children and we were so grateful for the House when we stayed.

4.)  My Mother-In-Law bought Miss. E a bubble "gun".  It has a fan that blows multiple bubbles.  Miss. E had a blast with it and so did I!  She kept blowing bubbles at me, shouting "Catch them, Mommy!".  I don't mean to brag, but I have impressive bubble popping skills.  Ha ha!

5.)  I found the cutest pair of shorts.  They are pink with lace trim at the top and are by far the comfiest shorts I have ever owned!  Yay, Summer!

How was your week?   Link up with the lovely ladies below and tell us all about it!

Tuesday 7 June 2016

10 days Away and a 6 Hour Drive

It's no secret that my husband is working away.  Miss. E and I travel to stay with him, for at least a week at a time.  I am getting better at packing for our time away, although I still have a lot to learn.

These are the clothes that I packed for our last 10 day trip.  I try to have 3 hot weather outfits and at least 1 cold weather outfit.  I also pack a dressier outfit for church.   We stay with my in-laws so I know that we have access to laundry facilities, which is helpful in cutting down on the number of items that I need to bring.  I try to make the colors of the pieces co-ordinate so that I can mix and match to make new outfits.  In addition, I pack our rain jackets and shoes.  I manage to get it all into one suitcase which makes life easier!

For our 6 HOUR drive, I try to pack items to keep Miss. E entertained.  I usually bring her play 'lap-top', a notebook with stickers, her 'baby' and, as a last resort, a DVD player and movies.  I have done this drive with her several times now.  She usually does really well and I don't have to grab the DVD player, but this last time was downright painful so I popped in a movie.  I also pack easy snacks, such as cheerios, crackers, and Goldfish snacks.  I like to have a box of apple juice with me.  Miss. E doesn't get juice very often, so it is a great treat for the ride!

Miss. E also loves to look for cows and birds out the window and sing songs.  I like her Fischer Price 'Sunday School Sing Along' C.D.  and so does she!  It has some really great, upbeat songs for our drive.

What do you like to pack for long trips with your little one?  How do you keep from over-packing your suitcase?  I would love to hear what works for you!