Wednesday 29 April 2020

Spring Capsule Wardrobe- 29.04.20

I have kept up with my plan to get dressed this past week.  I didn't really dress from my capsule wardrobe over the weekend because we were out doing yard work and that requires me to wear my old, beat up clothes.  I am not great at keeping my outfit intact when I am outside working.  The weather has been beautiful and my tulips are starting to pop out of the flower bed.  I am so happy to have the change in seasons.  I like to be outside in my garden in the spring.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday 27 April 2020

My New Housework Schedule

My housework schedule is ever-evolving and changing.  The new social distancing measures have changed things up once again.  I had basically been doing the bulk of my cleaning on one day every week.  I usually chose the day when my oldest was in school to do my cleaning.  I am now home with both kids all day, every day.  My routine has changed along with the rest of my life.  I have worked out a new routine that allows me to keep the house up, but also allows me to mostly focus on my kids.


  • Make beds
  • Do dishes
  • Run at least one load of laundry
  • Tidy house

MONDAY:  Strip the beds and wash all bedding.

TUESDAY:  Clean the bathroom.

WEDNESDAY:  Dust house and water houseplants.

THURSDAY:  Vacuum house and wash floors.

FRIDAY:  Grocery shopping and meal planning.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY:  We work in the yard and prep for the coming week.


Wednesday 22 April 2020

Spring Capsule Wardrobe- 22.04.20

Getting dressed has really been helpful for my mood and productivity.  I added a piece to my capsule wardrobe.  I added back my black leggings.  It had been really cool out so I wanted to be able to wear my dresses and stay warm.  It has since warmed up, but I really love my leggings so I am getting my wear out of them.  Here are some of my outfits from the past couple weeks.

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope you are safe and doing well!

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2020- 08.04.2020

Our life during this pandemic looks quite different, just as I imagine your life does.  My plan was to get dressed every single day this past week.  I did not meet that goal.  I sprained my foot last week and was laid up for a few days so the 3 days that I got dressed were pretty good.  My foot is doing much better this week and I hope to put more effort into using my whole wardrobe.  Here are the outfits that I put together from the past week.

How are you doing?  Are you making an effort to get dressed or are you living in your PJs?  Honestly, I think that either is fine.  We basically have to try to do our best to take care of ourselves and get through this odd time that we are living in.  I do feel better when I put forth the effort to get ready.  Last week, I was in pain and lacking motivation so I didn't worry about trying to get ready.  I hope you are all doing well.  Happy Wednesday!

Monday 6 April 2020

Home Reset 2020- The Deep Freezer

Our house came with a huge (and old) deep freezer.  It has been great for storing our extra food and we use it all the time.  I went through the freezer to take a bit of an inventory and to get rid of anything that was no longer good.



I sorted the contents of our freezer by type of food.  Frozen meals are together, meat is all in one place and so is frozen fruits/veggies.  It makes it much easier when I am trying to find something. I try to keep it this way, but I do tend to just throw items in when I am in a hurry.  I try to reset the freezer every quarter to keep it from getting too bad.

  • Take every item out.
  • Check dates and get rid of anything that is out of date or badly frostbitten.
  • Replace items and group like items together.  You can use cardboard boxes to help organize the bottom of the freezer.