Wednesday 30 September 2015

Five Years

On October 2, 2010 I married my best friend.  It has been quite the five years.  I could not have imagined the highs or lows that we have experienced in our short marriage.  I am thankful to have my amazing husband in my life.  Here are a few reasons why I love being married to my Hubby:

1.)  He is kind and considerate.  He truly looks out for me and goes out of his way to make my life easier.  I don't know if he realizes how much those small acts of service mean to me.  I really appreciate them.

2.)  He has been my rock.  In the past few years we have had rough times with our infertility, our traumatic birth experience and other difficult moments.  He stands beside me through it all, sometimes holding me up.  Lately, we have been struggling through infertility again and fertility treatments.  We have had difficult outcomes that have been heartbreaking to us.  My husband is my strength and comfort.  I am so very thankful for him.

3.)  We laugh together.  When we were first together, our senses of humor didn't always mesh.  We had a few things in common, but often the things that made one of us bust out in laughter, barely earned a smirk from the other.  I feel like over the past five years, our two distinct senses of humor have melded together to make one (strange) sense of humor.  We laugh a lot and I am enjoying this new(er) aspect of our marriage.

4.)  We make a great team.  My husband and I have complementary personalities.  Where he is strong, I am weak and vice versa.  My husband is calm, happy and optimistic.  He helps me pull out of my anxiety and gets me to see the positive.  I am plan and goal oriented.  I have helped motivate my husband through his schooling and training.  We balance each other out.  It truly is a match made in Heaven.

5.)  He is an amazing man.  He is intelligent, kind, hard-working, loving, funny and he never ceases to amaze me.  He means so many things to many people.  He is my partner, my best friend and my awesome husband.  I thank God every day that I get to walk through this life with him.

Happy fifth anniversary, honey!  I look forward to walking through many more years and experiences with you, my dear Hubby.  Love you to the moon and back.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Reason for the Quiet

Hello Everyone!

It has been quiet around here and will likely stay quiet for the next week.  I have returned to work 2 days a week and it has been an adjustment.  We also have had a few personal things happening and it has been a bit of a struggle to deal with everything.  I haven't had the time to blog like I want to, but once we get into a routine I am sure things will turn around.  In the meantime, I hope you can bear with me.

I have ordered the final piece of my capsule wardrobe.  I am still transitioning the wardrobe from Summer to Fall.  I plan to do a reveal when I receive my final piece.  I am so excited to dive into my new Fall Capsule Wardrobe.  I think that I planned well, but only time will tell!

Thank you for your patience.  I will talk to you soon(ish)!

Friday 11 September 2015

High Five For Friday- 11.09.15

Wow.  This has been a week.  It has been extremely emotional and busy.  I am ready for my weekend! Here are my five highlights:

1.)  I got to do some shopping in the city.  I think I have all the pieces for my capsule wardrobe.  I am going to go through my closet this weekend and make sure I have all of my pieces.

2.)  Miss. E had her first 2 days at the babysitter's house this week.  She did really well.  The babysitter is wonderful and has a son the same age as my daughter.  Miss. E had fun.  I think it was harder on me!  I had 2 good days at work.  I am working 2 days a week because my Hubby's work has been so slow.

3.)  My In Laws gave me a lovely birthday dinner while we were in the city.  (My birthday is this month.)  They also got me an ice cream cake.  Delicious.

4.)  We had so much fun with my Hubby's family last weekend.  Hubby's Aunt and I stayed up late chatting.  It was nice!

5.)  I am currently reading The Royal We and I am really enjoying it!  It feels good to get lost in a book!

How was your week?  If you want to join in, link up with the lovely ladies below!  Have a great week!

Friday 4 September 2015

High Five For Friday- 04.09.15

Hello Friday!  We are off again this weekend to see my husband's family.  I am excited because I get to see everyone and I get to go shopping for my Fall Capsule Wardrobe.  Here are the five highlights from my week:

1.)  Hubby and I watched Aloha last weekend.  It was strange, but I liked it.  I love all of the cast members:  Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper (swoon!), and John Krasinski (Office fans, anyone?).  It was an enjoyable evening.

2.)  On Tuesday, we had a play date with my friend and her son.   It was fun for both the Mommies and the Babies.  At one point her son (11 months old) kissed my daughter (15 months old) square on the mouth.  Miss. E didn't even run away!  It was hilarious and adorable.

3.)  Hubby was super productive this week.  There wasn't much work, so he was at home.  He washed our windows and siding.  He took down our garden fence.  He was wonderful to have around this week.

4.)  We harvested our garden and it wasn't terrible.  It was a bad growing year, but we still manage to get some produce.  Yay!  I grew multi coloured carrots this year, but only one purple carrot came.  It was so tiny!  The rest of my carrots were orange.

It doesn't even look like a carrot, does it?  I should have left the top on for the picture! 

5.)  Miss. E has been up to some funny things this week.  She tried on my shoe and walked around the  house in it.  She has been singing us songs, featuring her 3 favourite words (Daddy, Mama, Baby).

***  This is definitely not a highlight, but I felt that the story should be shared!  Last week, I told you about the dead bird in my shopping cart.  Last Saturday, I went outside to enjoy nature in my back yard.  I was looking to relax and soak up the last bits of Summer.  My dog proceeded to bring me a dead bird!  Yuck!  I went inside immediately and informed Hubby that there was a bird that he needed to deal with.  So much for relaxing!  Here is hoping that this doesn't turn out to be how my Saturdays go.  Finding dead birds.  I hope my Saturday is dead-bird free.  Ugh.***

How was your week?  If you want to join in H54F, link up with the lovely ladies below!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Recap

Hi Everyone!  I am starting to transition from my Summer Wardrobe to my Fall Wardrobe.  I thought that I would recap my Summer Wardrobe for you.


A lot of my Summer Wardrobe fell into the LOVE category.  I got a lot of use out of the following:

My hot pink pants, cream cardigan and green triangle tank got a lot of use this summer!

The military vest, black t-shirt dress and red skirt were favourites.

My "All You Need Is Less" sweatshirt and teal maxi dress were in heavy rotation.


This black sheer tank was super versatile and I like the way it looks.  I wore it a lot with my coloured pants and skirts.  The black soft pants were a Summer staple.  They were light, airy and cool.  This made them a great alternative to shorts.  I don't really love wearing shorts so it was nice to have a different option!

I used all of my items and I didn't really have any dislikes this time around (score!).  My least used item was my white pants, which makes sense since I have a toddler running around!

I am looking forward to shopping for my Fall Capsule Wardrobe this weekend.  My Pinterest board is full of ideas and I can't wait to hunt for the items on my list.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Minimalism Project #24 - Bedroom Closet

Capsule Wardrobes have been an absolute game changer for me.  I used to go shopping every few weeks and pick up a new top or sweater.  That adds up!  I like how the Capsule Wardrobes have kept me on track and I like that I don't shop during the season.  This past week, I decided that my closet was in need of an overhaul.  We keep moving things around in our house and my computer desk just got moved back into our bedroom.  I needed my closet to hold not only my clothes and shoes, but my office supplies and books, as well.

Here is my before:

I had jammed all my clothes and office supplies wherever they would fit.  It was disorganized and messy and I hated it every time I opened my closet.

I took the time to go through my items.  I purged a few books, work out clothes and pajamas.  I only kept what I truly use and wear.  I moved all of my nursing clothes into storage.  I was pleased, because I didn't have to touch my day-to-day clothing.  It is regularly gone through and edited with my Capsule Wardrobes.

I rearranged my items and found room for my books on the top shelf.  I gained extra space in my 3 drawer chest and was able to dedicate a drawer to my high heel shoes.  

I am happy to open my closet, now.  Everything has its place.