Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Winter Capsule Wardrobe- 19.02.2020

I don't really have a theme for this week's wardrobe post.  It is a lot of casual wear which is what you can find me in daily.  I found a new way to wear my sweater dress by tucking it into my jeans.  It looked cute and gave more versatility to the dress.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, 17 February 2020

Happy Family Day!

Today is Family Day in Saskatchewan.  We are celebrating by staying home to recuperate from our colds.  I have been working hard to reset more areas of our home but I won't be posting another room until next week.  Happy Family Day!  I hope you have a lovely Monday.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Winter Capsule Wardrobe- 12.02.2020

This year, I actually got a babysitter for Valentine's Day (well, actually the day before Valentine's day...).  I came up with a few date night looks for this post.  I always try to include a few dressy options in my capsule wardrobes in case something comes up.  I also like to use accessories (scarves, jewelry, etc.) to dress up my outfits.  Fun fact:  I was wearing the red scarf from this post the night I met my hubby.

This one is quite casual, but I like the pop of colour with the leopard print.

Of course, my beloved jumpsuit had to make an appearance.  This jacket is blush pink, even though it looks kinda beige here.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, 10 February 2020

2020 Home Reset- Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used room in our home.  I generally have to 'reset' it several times a year.  I tackled my pantry, cupboards and fridge.  Everything is much more organized.




  • Remove all food from pantry.  Check dates and remove anything that has expired.  Wipe shelves and put food back in pantry.  Group like items together.
  • Go through cupboards one by one.  Remove every item from the cupboard.  Wipe the shelves.  Only replace items that you actually use.  (I got rid of a small box of dishes!)  Try to place your most used items where they are easily accessed.  Clear away clutter and anything that doesn't belong.
  • Remove all items from the fridge.  Wipe shelves, drawers and door.  Remove items that have expired and replace your items.
  • Clean your oven.  I like to make a paste with dish soap, baking soda and a little vinegar.  It helps messes wipe clean and it doesn't have a terrible odour.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Winter Capsule Wardrobe- 5.2.2020

I have been really trying to use all of the pieces in my capsule wardrobe lately.  I tend to stick to the same three things and that is boring.  I managed to wear my leather leggings in two different ways, which was great.  I don't wear them enough and they can be dressed down so easily.  I also took my pink leather jacket out for a stroll.  I like the way I feel when I put more effort into my outfits and I hope to keep using different pieces of my wardrobe for the rest of this capsule.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, 3 February 2020

2020 Home Reset- Hallway Closet

Our hallway closet is quite small.  It stores towels, toilet paper, tissues, pharmacy items and extra soap/toiletries.  I went through it to make sure we only had what we needed/would use.  I pitched a few items that were out of date and gave away a few products that we don't use. 



Check List:

  • Take everything out of the closet
  • Check the dates on everything, especially medications
  • Throw away any outdated items
  • Donate/give away anything that you will not use
  • Wipe shelves
  • Replace the items that you use or will use

Friday, 31 January 2020

January- New Year's Resolutions Update

My New Year's resolutions have been going very well!  I have managed to meet them every single week this January.  I like the way my resolutions are set up this year.  They are relatively easy to achieve and easy to track.

1. Movement  I have exceeded my goal of moving for 20 minutes, 3 times a week this month.  I have walked, done a few HIIT workouts (woo!) and done some yoga.  I feel so much better when I move my body and I have enjoyed my workouts this month.

2. Writing  I have achieved my goal of writing for 20 minutes, 3 times a week.  This goal has encouraged me to make time for something I really enjoy.  I have worked on some goal setting, written in my journal and done a much better job posting here on the blog.

3.  Home Projects  I have exceeded this goal this month and it has been so beneficial for my home.  I have been working through my 2020 Home Reset and my house is in a much more organized state.  I have also started tackling my photos.  I haven't made a photo book since April 2015!  I have attempted this goal a few times over the years, to no avail.  This month I managed to organize every single photo on my computer.  I took a long time but everything is easy to find.  I completed a photo book for 2016.  Next month I plan to tackle the remainder of 2015.

My word of the year is BOLD and I have had some successful moments being bold and I have also had moments where I regretted not being totally myself.  My most positive outcome from trying to be bold this month was that  I was able to have a tough conversation. That conversation improved the relationship immensely.  I am thankful for that.

How are your goals going? 

Friday, 24 January 2020

Tracking Time

I came across the book Off The Clock by Laura Vanderkam a few months ago and became intrigued with the idea of tracking time.  The author tracks her time regularly and has reaped many benefits from doing so.

I followed a prompt off her podcast Before Breakfast and tracked my time for a week.  I kept track of my time in 30 minute increments and I learned a lot. 

I spend most of my time doing direct childcare and housework.  This didn't shock me.  I am a stay-at-home mom and it goes with the territory.

Here is what did surprise me: I have a lot of 'free' time that I don't use well.  When I have a few minutes to myself, I often whip out my phone and scroll Instagram or watch Instastories.  While these habits aren't detrimental to my life, I really could be using my time better.  I enjoy Instagram, but it doesn't make me feel relaxed or rejuvenated.  I have been actively trying to pick up a book during my free time and it has been beneficial for me. 

I also learned that I am much more productive when I get out of bed early.  I get a lot more done in a day when I can roll out of bed by 6:00 a.m.  I don't particularly like getting up early, but my day feels much more organized and is more productive.  I have been trying to harness this time by getting up early and working on school work.  This doesn't happen every day.  When I am up with my children a lot during the night, I let myself sleep so that I can be rested.

I encourage you to check out Laura's work.  It has been interesting to me and has shone a light on how I spend my time.  You may be surprised at what you discover.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Winter Capsule Wardrobe- 22.01.2020

Jeans with stretch are the unsung heroes of my wardrobe.  While I do love leggings, I find my jeans with stretch to be just as comfortable while looking put together.  If you do purchase jeans with stretch, it can be wise to size down so that they don't become baggy and fall down later in the day.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, 20 January 2020

2020 Home Reset- Bathroom

Our family of four shares a bathroom.  It gets out of hand now and then.  Between hair product, hair accessories and all of the other products in the cabinet, the bathroom was definitely in need of a reset.  This is what I did:

  • emptied the drawers and cupboards
  • vacuumed out the drawers and wiped shelves down
  • pitched any products that were out of date
  • removed any items not being used
  • put everything back neatly
  • wiped baseboards
  • washed walls



It felt so good to clean out the cupboards and drawers.  Everything is much easier to find now that we only have the items that we use in the bathroom.  

Friday, 17 January 2020

How I Track My Goal Progress

I have found that having a tangible way to track my goals is extremely motivating for me.  I like to check off boxes and see visual evidence of my progress.  When I made my 2020 resolutions, I knew that I needed a tracking sheet to help me reach my goals.  I hit up Pinterest and found some great tracking sheets.  I decided to use the Habit Tracker sheet from Clementine Creative . 

The tracker is meant to be used as a monthly sheet with space for each habit you are tracking.  I wanted to have my whole year on the same sheet so I opted to put the months down the 'Habit' column and I devoted one sheet to each of my resolutions.  Each day that I complete my 20 minutes (or more) of movement, writing or a home project, I colour in a box. 

I sincerely hope that using these tracking sheets help me to stay on track this year.  How do you keep track of your goals?

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Winter 2019/2020 Capsule Wardrobe- Additions

I have made two additions to my Winter Capsule Wardrobe.  I purchased a pair of skinny jeans that fit me (Woo-hoo!) and I bought a dusty rose coloured sweater dress.  I purchased each item from a consignment shop and I have worn them multiple times already.

I am very excited to start sharing some of my outfits with you next week.  Happy Wednesday!

Monday, 13 January 2020

2020 Home Reset- Utility Closet

We live in a smaller home that does not have great storage.  This has definitely encouraged us to embrace minimalism as much as we can.  It also means that we have to be creative with the storage that we do have.  My kitchen cupboard space is cramped and poorly planned.  This means that our kitchen appliances (like my beloved Instant Pot) have to find homes elsewhere.  Enter the utility closet.  This closet is near our front door entrance (which is rarely used) and just off of the living room.  It stores cleaning supplies, cookbooks, craft supplies, and kitchen appliances.  We put a wire shelf in the closet and my handy husband built a wood shelf for the closet.  This helps us maximize the space that we can use.

This space has to be flexible because our family's needs change all the time.  The closet wasn't super crazy but it was not living up to its potential.  I made a few changes and cleaned it out to help us get the most use out of this closet.



I moved the basket of extension cords (which are only used twice a year) to the top shelf, along with cleaning supplies and recipe books.  The newfound space on the second shelf allowed me to stash the girls' board games, activities, craft sets and instruments.  

The bottom shelves of the closet remained mostly the same.  I vacuumed the closet and wiped the shelves.

This closet is being utilized better now and I am so happy with how it turned out!