Wednesday 30 May 2018

My Spring Uniform

Spring has been a strange season in the past few years.  We seem to jump from winter to summer.  There is very little in the way of 'warm' temperatures.  It just seems to go straight to hot.  This will be my last 'Spring' wardrobe post for that reason.  I will put up my Summer Capsule next week.  My Spring wardrobe features far too many transitional items and I have been wearing all the summer things lately.

I wore a version of the same outfit over and over again this Spring.  I wore my cropped pants with a tank top so much that it really became my uniform.  I layered one of my flowy tank tops over a super stretchy tank in the same colour to create breastfeeding friendly look out of 'regular' tops.  I lived in breastfeeding tank tops with my first daughter, but four years later they just aren't doing the trick for me.  I far prefer having a supportive breastfeeding bra under a stretchy tank that can be manipulated for discreet feeding.  When it is time to feed my daughter, I simply lift the top shirt and pull the other tank down.  My stomach and back are never exposed and my top layer does a great job covering the upper part of my chest.  I have been really happy with this system.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Instant Outfits

Dresses and my jumpsuit are the easiest things to wear in my closet.  You literally pull them and you have an instant outfit.  Add shoes and you are out the door!  I also love how they help me beat the heat.  I am not a fan of wearing shorts.  It has been hot here lately so my dresses have been in heavy rotation.  

P.S.  I found my supportive flats!  I purchased these flats last week and I LOVE them.  They are from Skechers and are super comfortable.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday 7 May 2018

5 Minute Project- Miss. Em's Closet

I quickly sorted through and organized my youngest daughter's closet the other day.  We were fortunate to receive several gifts and hand-me-down's for our daughter.  I have been basically shoving them in the closet to deal with later.  The other day I decided that enough was enough so I went through all of the items and put them away neatly.



I hung all the clothes up and stored the bags of clothes that we had been given on the shelves.  I folded all of the blankets and stacked them neatly.  I arranged the toys on the larger shelf so that they will be readily accessible when she is ready for them.

Another quick project done and dusted.

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Eliminating Items from my Spring Capsule

I have made the decision to eliminate some items from my capsule wardrobe.  After living in my capsule for just over a week, I have decided that certain items in my wardrobe are not working.  I included a pair of skinny jeans that "fit", but honestly they are so uncomfortable.  None of my button up shirts actually close over my bust and the t-shirts do nothing to hide the remnants of my "baby bump'.  I chose to dive back into capsule wardrobes to minimize the punches to my self-esteem and these items just were not flattering.  At all.

The beauty of a capsule is that it helps you discover what you love and what you dislike.  Right now, a lot of my former loves are not fitting well.  That is okay.  I will remove them from my capsule and hang them up.  I am sure that when I start trimming down more, the items will fit again and hopefully even flatter my figure.

The removal of these items take me down to 28 items.  I think that I can find plenty of outfits within that number.  I don't have any outfit pictures for you this week because I was trying to find a way to make the above items work.  My outfits did not fit well so I am going to keep those to myself.  Onward and upward!