Monday 30 March 2015

Minimalism Week #20 -The Cold Room

Our cold room was a perfect minimalism project and it has been several times.  We have actually done a pretty good job of clearing it out.  I did it again and I found more to get rid of! (It's a journey, not a destination.)  The only problem with this project is that our cold room has absolutely no lighting.  This means crappy photos.

I got rid of a bunch of "junk" and "functional but not useful to me" items.  I donated an ice cream making machine, some decor items and I trashed some mattress covers (for which we no longer own beds).

Here is my before:

And the after:

I realize that these photos don't really show you much.  Sorry about that!  The room is far more organized, functional and now only contains what we really need.  It always feels good to be free of more "things".

Friday 27 March 2015

High Five For Friday! 27.03.15

Good Afternoon!  It has been a bit of a crazy week in these parts.  I have been a bit neglectful of my blog and I hope to do some catching up during my daughter's nap this week.  Here are five highlights from my week:

1.) Beautiful weather.  The sunshine is back!  Woooo!

2.)  A visit with my brother (who is super interesting and fun to chat with!).

3.)  A good night's sleep.  After teething all week (and last), we needed it!

4.)  My Easter decorations are up.  (So pretty!)

5.)  Hubby has been working pretty steadily this week.  Work has been very slow so we are thankful for that.

How was your week?  Link up with the ladies below to join in!

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday- 25.03.15

My outfit today is displayed on the floor, because this week I have not been taking photos.  I wore this outfit yesterday, but totally did not remember to get a picture (bad blogger!).

Preppy, yet casual.  This outfit is comfortable, but looks put together.  I love navy.  It screams "Spring!" to me.  

Monday 23 March 2015

Minimalism Week #19 - Command Centre

Since our little girl has been mobile, I have been meaning to tackle this project.  The shelf in our kitchen was intended to be a functional part of our command center.  Instead, my husband piled papers in it and tiny gadgets that he didn't want to find a home for.  I was also guilty of stashing items in it that had no home.  When Miss. E starting crawling around she would use the shelf to pull herself up and then yank down Hubby's papers, pausing to try and put some of them in her mouth.  I knew that the shelf had to go.

For my minimalism project, I tackled the shelf and I also went through the drawer that doubles as a utensil drawer and part of our command center.

Here is the before:

Hubby refuses to put his lunch kit and water bottles in a cupboard, so I have to work around that.  

Our command center is part of our tiny kitchen.

The large utensil/command centre drawer.  (Yikes!)

Here is the after:

I stole this shelf from our spare bedroom, where it was acting as an nightstand.  We don't have guests often, so I will be able to improvise when we do.  This stand works better in the kitchen/command center because it is only two shelves, so there is less chance of clutter building.  If I am feeling ambitious this summer, I might paint it white.  I devoted the shelf to Hubby's lunch kit and water containers.  He is happy because it is out and ready to go.  I am happy because it is neat and tidy.  

The old self was cleared out and we sorted the objects into their homes around the house.  It is sitting downstairs awaiting a new home.

I cleared off the top of the butcher block.  I kept my day planner (essential!), our Gratitude jar (Pinterest idea that I LOVED), and our phone/device chargers.  I got rid of the hanging silver container because it seems useful, but in actuality it just gathered junk.  Each device cord is neatly hung on a hook.

The utensil drawer/command center drawer is much better than before!  I cleared everything out and sorted through the utensils.  I relocated the packages of batteries to Hubby\s battery drawer.  I got rid of a few things that we don't use, including some wine toppers, utensil clips and a broken icing dispenser.  I devoted a basket to notepads, pens and other office supplies.  I stashed our take out menus vertically in the drawer, along with our address book and garbage tags.  It looks much neater and is much more functional.

Friday 20 March 2015

High Five For Friday- 19.03.15

Hubby was working away this week.  I have decided to list five things that I did this week, that I absolutely would NOT do if he had been home.

1.). I watched The Kardashians on Sunday.  Trash?  Of course!  But, I do love me some "rich people" drama!  Ha ha!

2.) I ate ice cream.  3 bowls the one night!

3.). The next night I ate ice cream and chips.  Not together, of course.  That would be yucky.  (Total side note:  Is it true that you don't have Ketchup chips in the United States?  I have never seen them when I have visited, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.  Right?!?  Because, Ketchup chips are divine.  Seriously.)

4.). I ate half of a half cake. (So a quarter of a cake.  Yeah, yeah... I can do math.)

5.)  I slept in the middle of the bed.  Pure bliss.  (I am not good at sharing.... And neither is my Hubby!)

Okay, I just realized that 3 of my items were junk food related.  Can anyone say "eating my feelings "?  Goodness.  Of course, these healthy choices were made after 11:45 p.m..  That's always a good time for decision making.  Ugh.

 So excited to see Hubby today!  Bring on the apples and carrot sticks!

If you want to join in, link up with the ladies below!  Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday- 18.03.15

This Chambray top is fast becoming one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.  I know that I am late to the party on this one, but I am totally shocked at how much I like this look!  It is super comfortable and looks fantastic, too.  I dressed up my top with black dress pants and black pumps.  It is effortless and yet, chic.  I am a Chambray convert!  

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Minimalism Post M.I.A.

Hello Everyone!

I have missed my minimalism posts last week and this week.  I have been pretty busy with traveling, family and just trying to get everything done that needs to get done.  I hope to be back next week with another minimalism post.  I will still post my Wardrobe Wednesday and High Five For Friday posts this week.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday 13 March 2015

High Five For Friday- 13.03.15

Happy Friday!  We are through another week.  Hubby and I spent 12+ hours last weekend in the vehicle, with our 9 month old daughter, which was interesting to say the least!  Here are five things that I am thankful for this week:

1.)  Seeing family.  It is so special to see your little one be loved and appreciated.  It brings my feeling of closeness to my hubby's family to a whole new level.  I am so happy that she is so surrounded by love.

2.)  Safe travels.  Although Miss. E was not impressed with being in her car seat for over 12 hours this past weekend, we arrived safe and sound.  For that, I am thankful.

3.)  A good night's sleep.  My daughter slept well three nights this week.  Sleep, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

4.)  Beautiful weather.  The weather has been warm and making me feel like Spring is on the way!  Woooooo!

5.)  My parents.  My family routinely lets me hang out at their house and they always feed me!  Sometimes it is the nicest feeling in the world to have someone take care of you.  Especially when you are operating on 3.5 hours of sleep after a very long trip.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday- 11.03.15

Ahhhh!  The first Spring Capsule Wardrobe outfit!  It is as though the weather heard that I was pulling out my Spring clothes.  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL!  This is a comfy, casual outfit.  I love these new jeans!  They are as comfortable as sweatpants.  I am not even kidding.  I am in love!

The whole outfit head to toe is Joe Fresh.  Except the belt.  It is from Forever 21.

Friday 6 March 2015

High Five for Friday- 6.3.15

We are heading out to my in-law's house this weekend (6 hour drive!).  I have been racing around like a crazy woman this week trying to get ready to go.  To top it all off, Hubby and I crammed as much as we could into this week.  You know... because we like being stressed...  Ha ha!

1.)  I baked chocolate chip cookies at 10:30 Wednesday night and proceeded to eat 8 cookies.  Because I am healthy like that...

(I just kept going back for more!)

2.)  My husband got a VW diesel car this week.  He was so excited all week!  Like kid in a candy store excited.  I am not looking forward to learning to drive a standard, but I know it will be a good skill to learn.  I named the car "The Blueberry".  (Psych reference- that show cracks me up!  Netflix, people!)

3.)  Miss. E started saying "Uh-Oh!" this week and now it's a really fun game.  We are working on Gamma or Papa.  We'll see.

4.)  Marvel's Agents of Shield came back on this week.  Hubby and I were pretty pumped.  We love that show!

5.)  I was nominated by a fellow blogger for a Liebster award.  It was a lot of fun and I discovered some great blogs in the process!  You can read that post here.

If you want to join in please link up below!

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Reveal- Bottoms, Dresses and Shoes

I incorporated more colour into my wardrobe with my bottoms and skirts.  Colour is easier to wear on your "bottom half" because it is less risky.  You can still pair those bright red pants with a nice, safe black top.  I am happy that I can start wearing regular shoes again.  I am so tired of my boots!  I have 8 pants, 3 skirts, 2 dresses and 6 pairs of shoes.  I am currently still transitioning my footwear and coats, due to the weather.  It is still acting more like winter, right now!  Here is the other half of my Spring Capsule Wardrobe:

Old- Old Navy,   Old- Silver Jeans,  New!- Joe Fresh- $29.00

All are Old and are from Reitmans

New!- Forever 21- $18.80,   Old-Joe Fresh

Old- Joe Fresh,   Old-Joe Fresh,   New!- Forever 21-$27.90

Old- Ricki's,   New!-Zulily- $18.99

New!-Joe Fresh- 19.00, Old-Ardene, Old- Zellers, Old-Call It Spring! (These were my Wedding Shoes!)

Old- Sears,   Old- Shoe Company

I have added a few accessories to help me build better outfits.  I don't include accessories in my counts.  I am looking forward to sharing my outfits with you over the next 3 months!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Liebster Award

I was nominated by Tanya over at Prairie Girl in the Big, Scary World for a Liebster Award.  I was pretty excited!  A Liebster Award is an "award" given to bloggers from other bloggers.  It is a way to get to know other bloggers and to hopefully help other people "discover" some of these bloggers.

Here are the rules:

-You must answer the 10 questions posed to you by the blogger who nominated you.
-You then nominate 8 more bloggers and pose 10 new questions to them.  (It is best to pick bloggers without many followers.)

Here are my answers:

1.)  Why did you start your blog?  I started my blog because I love to write.  I was originally an English major before I decided on a career in health care.  I admit that it is much harder to blog than I thought it would be, but I am enjoying the creative outlet.  I like having a space to explore my minimalism and to help keep me accountable to my goals.

2.)  What is something that makes you smile?  My family.  My husband and daughter never cease to bring a smile to my face!

3.)  What is your most prized possession?  I would have to say my wedding ring.

4.)  If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?  This one is a toughie.  I am having a hard time with it.  I am going to say Audrey Hepburn.  She was a beautiful, classy woman.  She was also generous and wise.  I feel like I could learn a lot from her.

5.)  What is your favourite blog post you have written?  My favourite post was my Winter Wardrobe recap.  The link is here.  I feel like I am improving, slowly but surely!

6.)  If you won 50 million dollars in the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do?  I would immediately pay off my house and Jeep.

7.)  If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be?  Maui.  Hands down!

8.)  What is something you love about where you grew up?  My parent's acreage.  It was such a peaceful place, where I learned to really appreciate nature.

9.)  What is your favourite movie of all time?  I actually have a top 3 list.  Casablanca, Mary Poppins and Sweet Home Alabama.

10.) What is one quality about yourself that you feel you need to work on?  I am a big worrier.  I have improved considerably since having to deal with infertility.  I know that worrying is a waste of time and doesn't change anything, but it seems to be my default mode.  I am working on it... 

I am nominating:
1.)  Monica @ Jersey Girl Texan Heart
2.)  Penny @ Penny's Passion
3.)  Jessica and Katie @ Sweet Little Ones Blog
4.) Tina @ Go Big Or Go Home
5.) Jill @ Doused In Pink
6.) Sarah @ Bows and Clothes
7.) Jessi @ From Here to Explore
8.) Kayla @ A Paper Arrow

Here are your 10 questions:

1.)  What is your blog about?  (Put a link to a great post you have made!)
2.)  What craft or recipe do you excel at making?
3.)  What is your favourite fashion accessory?
4.)  What is your favourite T..V show?
5.)  What is one place in the world you would love to travel to?
6.)  What person has had a major influence on your life.  Why?
7.)  What movie do you think everyone should watch?
8.)  If you had the chance to travel to space, would you do it?
9.)  Do you have any pets?  Tell us about them if you do!
10.)  Describe yourself using only one word.

Have fun everyone!  Please check out these great blogs!

Sunday 1 March 2015

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Reveal- Tops and Jackets

I was so excited to start wearing my Spring clothes!  After poor planning in my Winter capsule, I was eager to see some colour in my wardrobe.  Today I am going to "reveal" my tops and jackets.  I settled on 18 tops, 2 blazers and 5 jackets.  I found that I wanted more variety than my winter wardrobe provided.  I also included a few more "completer" pieces that were definitely missing from my winter wear.  Here are my tops, blazers and jackets.

Old- Winners,   Old-Old Navy,   New!- Winners- $24.99

Old-Joe Fresh,   New!-Joe Fresh-16.00,   New!-Joe Fresh- $2.94 (on sale!)

Old- Thyme Maternity,   New!- Joe Fresh- $29.00,   New!- Winner's- $34.99

Old- Reitmans,   Old- Reitmans,   Old- Reitmans

Old- Thyme Maternity,   New!- Joe Fresh- $29.00,  New!- Winners- $34.99

Old- Warehouse One,   New!- Forever 21- $ 9.90,  Old- Ricki's

New!- Walmart- $29.00,   Old- Reitmans


Old- Aritzia,  Old- The Bay,  Old- Sears

Old- Eclipse,  Old- Ricki's

I incorporated a lot of my old wardrobe and spent $210.81.  ($50 of that was on a gift card!)  I am happy with my pieces and I am excited to start wearing them!