Monday, 19 August 2019

20 Minute Challenge- Update

I started my 20 minute challenge and I can not believe how much it helped.  20 minutes goes by quickly and I have gotten so much done!  I have almost completed the 3 major areas of my home that were needing the most work.  I like the short work time because it doesn't feel like a large commitment or overwhelming.  Even though the time is short, I have been able to be productive.  I have completed our bar area, our cold room and most of the laundry room.  

Laundry Room: 


In Progress:

Cold Room:



I have been so happy with my progress.  If you have a problem area in your home that you have avoided tackling, I suggest you attempt this 20 minute challenge.  I think you will be surprised at how helpful it can be.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Goals Update

I usually review my goals monthly, but I really haven't done that this year.  Boy, does it show!  I had forgotten several of my goals (eep!) and even the ones I remember have fallen by the wayside.  I have recently gone over my goals and I know that I need to put some work in if I want to end the year successfully.

1.)  Establish a morning routine.  This one wasn't going too bad until summer hit.  I will get back at it with my routine, especially with school starting soon.

2.)  Treat the Earth better.  This is going fairly well.  I bath much less often (I do quick daily showers instead) and I have been aware of packaging when making purchases.  I need to work on walking or biking more, as my vehicle is still being driven regularly.  

3..)  Save.  This goal is going well.  It is probably because we review our finances quite often.  We are still plugging away, but our savings is definitely coming along.

4.)  Walk five or more times a week.  This goal has been neglected.  I definitely need to work on it!

My word of the year is embrace.  I feel like I am doing a good job embracing life and those around me.  It takes effort, especially on days when things are difficult.    I am happy that I looked over my year's goals.  I will be putting in more effort in the coming months.

Happy Friday, friends!

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

This Week's Wardrobe

I designed my Summer Capsule with warm days and sunshine in mind.  It has been quite cool and it feels a bit like fall.  I don't have many outfits to show, as I worked all last week and just came home to change into sweats.  I wasn't feeling great so my sweats worked for just being at home.  I am hoping to throw together a few more outfits this week.  Maybe it will be warm enough for all those shorts I included in my wardrobe!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I have finally created a summer capsule wardrobe.  I know that summer is half over but July was a bit of a write off for us.  With cooler weather, my miscarriage and Hubby's surgery, it really didn't feel like summer.  I am now fresh off my last capsule wardrobe and I was excited to put together something for the remaining days of summer.  I have kept this capsule wardrobe small, as it doesn't cover a long period of time.  I will also tell you that none of these clothes will end up at the cabin with me.  When I am camping I like to wear old clothes that can get dirty.  I play in the sand with the kids, deal with sticky marshmallow hands and help build fires.  I don't really want my regular clothes getting ruined during these activities.

My summer capsule wardrobe has 20 pieces: 7 bottoms, 5 tops, 4 dresses, 3 sweaters and a jean jacket.  It will carry me through the remaining days of summer.

4 shorts and 1 pair of pants

2 skirts

3 sweaters and 1 jean jacket

5 tops

4 dresses

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

7 Day Capsule Recap

My 7 day capsule wardrobe is complete.  I had fun getting dressed in clothes that made me feel good every day.  It did help my mood and helped me feel motivated to move forward with my summer.  I enjoyed wearing dresses and I think I will keep that in mind as I move forward with future capsule wardrobes.  In case you weren't following along on Instagram, here are my 7 days of outfits:

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, 29 July 2019

20 Minute Challenge

With July drawing to a close, we only have one more month before school starts up again.  This summer has already been filled with ups (weddings, birthdays, graduations) and downs (our miscarriage).  With everything going on, I haven't touched any of my house projects that I have been wanting to tackle.  

I have decided to employ a 20 minute challenge to help me get going with my projects.  I plan to spend 20 minutes every day that we are home working on a cleaning/decluttering project in my home.  Those 20 minutes per day will really add up over the month of August.  I am excited to see what I can accomplish.

I will be posting my progress both here an on my Instagram (@peacefulsimplelifeblog).  I would love to see your progress, if you want to join in.  

Happy Monday!  Have a fabulous week!

Friday, 26 July 2019

5 Fun and Simple Ways to Enjoy Summer

Summer is short and fleeting.  Most of us want to make the most of it, but sometimes it can be a struggle.  The good news is that you don't need a ton of money, time or effort in order to enjoy your summer.  Today I am going to share with you 5 fun and simple ways to enjoy your summer.

1.  Grow Something  There is nothing quite like nurturing a plant and watching it grow before your very eyes.  I have many plants and I love it.  If you are just starting out a simple flower or herb may be a good way to start.  Try to choose something hardy that won't mind if you forget about it from time to time.

2. Backyard Pool or Sprinkler  Nothing fancy here.  Just a plastic pool with some water or a sprinkler for the kids (and adults!) to run through.  This screams summer to me.  Some of my favourite memories from my childhood summers involve running through the water with my brother.

3.  Enjoy a frozen treat  This also screams summer to me.  We like to eat pospicles, freezies and ice cream outside at the park or on the patio.  Nothing like a dripping treat in the hot sunshine.  (And the added plus of less clean up because you are outside.)  Bonus points if you make your own!

4.  Blow bubbles  I have a fascination with bubbles.  I think that they are beautiful to watch.  My kids love to chase them and attempt to catch them.  Summer time is bubble time.

5.  Nature Walks  I think that nature walks are important all year round.  Nature is calming and so gorgeous.  I really like bird watching with my kiddos in the summer.  There are so many birds in our yard that only come for spring and summer.  Animals in general are much more active in the summer and there is so much to see.

How do you like to spend your time in the summer?  Do you have any simple past times that you like to enjoy?  Have a great weekend, friends!