Monday 25 May 2015

Minimalism Week #23 -The Dreaded Corner Cupboard

I wasn't planning on doing a minimalism project this week.  My daughter turns 1 this week and I am busy preparing for her big party.  I received my grandmother's orange tree (she moved and couldn't take it with her) and I needed to make room for it.  Hubby and I moved our kitchen cart out of the dining room and into the basement.  (It makes a wonderful folding table in the laundry room!)  The tree moved into the dining room.  We had been utilizing the storage in our kitchen cart, so I had to find new homes for those items.

The dreaded corner cupboard wasn't planned well.  It is a deep cupboard and awkward to get into.  It is important to use, however, due to the size of my tiny kitchen.  I needed to move my slow cooker into that cupboard so I started a quick sort and purge.  I threw away anything that had expired and I tried to sort like items into bins.  I moved items that are rarely used (but still important to keep) downstairs, into the cold room.

Here is my before:

Here is my after:

Everything fits!  Yay!  I probably should have taken a before picture of the kitchen cart.  We were rushing around and it was missed.  This minimalism project would have been far more impressive, with that photo.  ;)  Have a great Monday!  I am off to get Miss. E ready for her cake smash!