Tuesday 1 September 2015

Minimalism Project #24 - Bedroom Closet

Capsule Wardrobes have been an absolute game changer for me.  I used to go shopping every few weeks and pick up a new top or sweater.  That adds up!  I like how the Capsule Wardrobes have kept me on track and I like that I don't shop during the season.  This past week, I decided that my closet was in need of an overhaul.  We keep moving things around in our house and my computer desk just got moved back into our bedroom.  I needed my closet to hold not only my clothes and shoes, but my office supplies and books, as well.

Here is my before:

I had jammed all my clothes and office supplies wherever they would fit.  It was disorganized and messy and I hated it every time I opened my closet.

I took the time to go through my items.  I purged a few books, work out clothes and pajamas.  I only kept what I truly use and wear.  I moved all of my nursing clothes into storage.  I was pleased, because I didn't have to touch my day-to-day clothing.  It is regularly gone through and edited with my Capsule Wardrobes.

I rearranged my items and found room for my books on the top shelf.  I gained extra space in my 3 drawer chest and was able to dedicate a drawer to my high heel shoes.  

I am happy to open my closet, now.  Everything has its place.



  1. Wow! This is a really good overhaul. My room is a bit messy, but I am putting off reorganizing it mainly because I don't have enough time to get it done in one sitting, and if I don't get it all done at one time, then I won't ever finish it. Great job!


    1. Thanks, Sarah! I feel so much better now that it is done!

  2. I really need to organize my closet, but it's a job I dread to tackle! You did a great job!


    1. Thanks, Della! It feels better now that it is done!