Wednesday 3 February 2016

The KonMari Method- Books and Papers

I tackled my books and papers on one weekend.  Marie Kondo devoted a lot of her book to these two categories.  I have never seemed to have trouble getting rid of papers and books.  That being said, I had more to get rid of than I thought.




Cookbooks Before:


I got rid of a lot of books and a LOT of cookbooks.  My bookshelves are breathing a sigh of relief and I also feel lighter.


I sorted through the piles and got rid of quite a few papers.  The pile on the left went back into our safe, the middle pile got shredded and the pile on the right got recycled.  My files are much lighter and I only kept things that we absolutely need.

I was happy with the outcome of my tidying.  It was nice to see more items leaving my possession.


  1. Good for you! I love the feeling of decluttering. Cookbooks are always hard for me to get rid because most all of them were gifts. I probably have 10 or more but only use 2 of them. The rest of the time I look up recipes online. It would probably be good to go through them!

    1. Thanks, Emily. I had kept many of my cookbooks because they were wedding gifts, so I know where you are coming from! I ultimately decided that if I hadn't used them after five years, it was time for them to move along. Ha ha!