Thursday 17 March 2016

Staging Our House- The Living Room

Our house is officially on the market.  Last weekend, I ran around like crazy trying to get the house ready to sell.  We had done all of our big purges and had cleared most of our clutter.  I put the house back together, cleaned and staged our home.  I want our house to be a place that someone can imagine themselves in.  It is a tough market around here, with the economic downturn, so I want to make our home as appealing as possible.

I staged our living room with what we already owned.  I added a few touches that I purchased at HomeSense.  I staged the ladder shelf, hid the toys and added some throw pillows.  I plan to keep fresh flowers in the living room to help brighten the space.  (Shortly after these photos were taken, Miss. E tore my pretty tulips apart!  I usually move them up on a counter while she is playing so she can't get them.  I will have to make sure I do that in the future...)

I looked for ideas on Pinterest for staging the ladder shelf.  After I had my inspiration, I brought out the items that I owned and knew would work.  I purchased the few things I needed to make the shelf complete.  I am quite pleased with how it all turned out.

Never underestimate the power of clean and tidy.  If your house is dirty, people will be grossed out.  If your house is cluttered, people have a difficult time looking past your belongings and imagining themselves in your home.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my living room!


  1. It looks great, Ashley! You're so right...when we were looking for houses I was always amazed at how dirty and cluttered people left their homes. On the other hand, one of the houses we really loved was not only clean but cozy. The homeowner had turned on little lamps all over the house, making it feel really homey and cozy. You did a great job with accessorizing - fresh flowers are a great touch.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    1. Thanks, Whitney! That cozy house sounds lovely. I find it hard to get that effect, especially when I seem to be drawn to a cooler colour palette. Perhaps one day I will figure it out! Ha ha.