Friday 8 April 2016

High Five For Friday- 8.4.16

Oh man!  It is definitely Friday.  I have spent a good chunk of my morning trying to convince my computer to work.  Grrrrr.  Oh well!  I am using my tablet today, instead.  Hubby is playing outside with Miss. E, who seems to have caught my cold.  Poor kid!  Here are five highlights from my week:

1.)  The weather has been absolutely beautiful.  Sunny and warm!  We have been outside for walks and playtime.  It is so nice to see the sunshine again!

2.)  On Monday, I did my Bikini Body Mommy "Fit Test".  I did the fit test with heavier weights and still improved my scores!  I was so excited!  I am also starting to see some muscle development and feel stronger!

3.)  Miss. E had a good dental appointment.  It is always kind of nerve-wracking taking her to these kind of things, so I was happy it worked out well!

4.)  We had a couple fun play dates this week.  Play dates are great for both Mommy and toddler!

5.)  I got to bed on time several times this week.  It was great!  I am fighting a cold, so the sleep is definitely needed!

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  My computer is acting up so I am typing this on my tablet.  Please check out the other H54F posts using this link.  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Miss E and I are twins this week, as I had a dentist appointment too, ha! Glad it went well for her! I hope you get some time this weekend to rest and recover from your cold, Ashley!

    1. I hope your appointment went well, too! I am feeling much better. Thanks, Jess! :)

  2. So sorry she's sick now :( Poo! But hooray for a good dentist's appointment. I remember Elizabeth's first one.... had no idea how that would go down! She has her second one in a few weeks (thanks for the reminder! Forgot that was coming!). And you're so right - playdates are great for the kids AND the moms!!! I live for playdates!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. Ha ha! It is so true! I really need the playdates! As much or more than Miss. E some days! :)

  3. Hope she's feeling better! Kane hates the dentist. . .maybe worse than the Easter Bunny.haha And yay for going to bed on time!!!! It feels so nice ot be able to drift off to sleep early sometimes.