Thursday 5 May 2016

High Five For Friday- 06.05.16

I am from a small town in Alberta, Canada.  This week a terrible fire broke out in northern Alberta and the whole city of Fort McMurray was evacuated.  80, 000 people had to leave everything behind, not knowing if they will have homes to come home to.  The fires are still burning out of control, with no rain in the forecast.  I am proud to be Alberta-born and to be Canadian.  Our country is filled with strong and generous people.  We are trying our best to help the evacuees find a safe place to stay, clothing to wear, and the necessities that they need.  Please keep these people in your prayers.  If you wish to donate to the people of Fort McMurray, The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations.

Here are the five things that brightened my week:

1.)  I got tickets to see Garth Brooks!   My Dad has always been a big fan of Garth Brooks.  I, of course, followed suit.  I have attempted to get tickets to see him before, but to no avail.  I was able to score 6 tickets to see him in June!  I will get to attend the show with my Mom and Dad, Hubby's Aunt and her friend and my Hubby.  I am so looking forward to the concert!

2.)  I was lucky enough to get some solo shopping time on the weekend.  I bought some new summer clothes and I enjoyed having the time to myself.

3.)  We went to the lake as a family this past weekend.  We played at the park and made sandcastles at the beach.  It was such a fun afternoon!

4.)  One of my lab instruments broke down yesterday.  After working on it for hours (!), I was able to get it up and running again!  I was so excited to get the instrument working again!

5.)  Hubby and I got some time alone together over the weekend.  We sat out on my in-law's deck and got to talk and reconnect.  I really don't like living apart, but I know that this is only temporary.  I really enjoyed the time we got to spend together.

Have a lovely weekend!  If you would like to join in H54F, link up with the lovely ladies below:


  1. It sounds like a fun week! Your lake pictures are adorable. Yay for reconnect time, and you're going to love GB!!!

    Also, that's terrible about the wildfire! I saw it on the news:(


    1. Thanks, Tif! I am so looking forward to the concert!

  2. Yay for a fun week! I am glad you had some time to just sit and chat with your husband - that's so important, especially while you're living apart. Love the picture of all three of you at the lake! Hope you had a great weekend!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    1. Thank you, Whitney! It was nice to have some time with Hubby! Living apart has its challenges!

  3. How cute is Miss E in her little pink sunglasses?! So adorable.