Wednesday 30 November 2016

Fall Capsule Wrap-Up

I am really quite done with Capsule wardrobes for now.  Which is kind of strange because this Capsule was by far my favourite.  I like all of the clothes in the Capsule and they truly worked in my lifestyle.  I like finding new outfits within a small set of clothes and I like having less options.  My shopping in the Spring and Summer got out of hand and the Capsule really reigned that in.  

Although I quite like the Capsule Wardrobes, I feel that they have served their purpose for me.  I really don't have an urge to shop right now.  I also don't have the same access to shopping that I did in the Spring/Summer.  I am living in my small town again where it is simple to avoid shopping for clothes.

I plan to move forward in the Winter with access to all of my clothes again.  I also have a few items that I would like to purchase, but the list is quite short and won't blow the budget.  I highly recommend Capsule Wardrobes to people who wish to be more creative with their clothes and to people who need to restrict their shopping habits.  There are great lessons to be learned in these types of wardrobes.

I will leave you with my favourite Capsule outfits!  

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