Wednesday 25 January 2017

Simple Wardrobe

I purged my closet again (!) at the end of the year.  I looked through the clothes that I owned and tried to only keep what I actually value and wear.  I managed to take another large garbage bag of clothes out of my closet.  I know that I will not be purchasing clothing this year, so it was much easier to decide which items got to stay.

It never ceases to floor me that I am able to get rid of so many items out of my closet.  Seriously.  What possesses me to purchase those items?  The Capsule Wardrobes were a great tool to help curb my shopping, but they didn't ever completely prevent me from adding new items to my wardrobe, which is what I need at this stage of my life.  I need to stop the influx of "stuff" that seems to invade my life (and closet).

I carefully went through my closet and split my clothes into 4 categories: Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, "All Season", and Workout/Lounge.  In total, I kept 111 items in my closet.  In the Winter/Fall category I kept 35 items.  I have 45 items in my Spring/Summer category and 16 in the Workout/Lounge category.  My "All Season" category houses 15 items that I seem to wear repeatedly.

I am happy with my wardrobe.  It feels lighter and very "me".  I like splitting into 2 "seasons" instead of 4.  I also like the flexibility of the "all season" items.  I am looking forward to my no-spend year.  I am excited to see how I can make my wardrobe work for me.  I wonder if I will get rid of more items or if I will want to hang onto what I have, knowing that I can't purchase anything new.

My ultimate goal would be to pare down my wardrobe much further and to really love every item in my closet.  It would be fun to partake in a 10 x 10 challenge or something like it.  I am excited to see what this year brings and I hope you will read along with me!


  1. It is crazy how much stuff we can amass! I should go through and count how many items are in my closet. It would probably be horrifying because I only want to wear the same handful of tops all the time anyway!

    1. Ha ha! Right?!? I am similar in that I owned a lot that I didn't wear. I think most people are like that. We just wear our favourite items over and over again!