Thursday 9 February 2017

Intentional- Is It Too Late to Choose a Word of the Year?

Whether I like it our not, I feel like I know my word of the year.  Many people choose a word of the year at the beginning of January and I usually do.  This January I bucked tradition and steered clear of choosing a word.

In case you missed it, we have been packing for our second move in 6 months.  We are moving within our current town to a house that we recently purchased.  Our "new" house is smaller than the one that we are currently renting and laid out completely differently.  It is slightly bigger than the house we owned before, but again the layout is very different.  We have spent time talking about how we want to use the space in our home and what we think will work for our family.  In doing these discussions, we pared down the items we own (again) and are working to decide what adds value to our life.  I have also embarked on a No Spend Year in an effort to stop the influx of "things" into our life.

Life has also felt busy, as it does.  Hubby is working and has earned his EMR designation.  This means that on top of his regular job he will be working on the local ambulance service.  I am continuing to work part time and juggle our home life.  We also have all the outside demands that most humans have: family, friends and hobbies.

I have read a lot of non-fiction books this past year which is not usually my M.O. and most of these books center around intentional living.  Intentional living basically means that you carefully choose what you allow into your life, because everything has a 'cost'.  I often struggle with this, as I like to take charge of things and then I allow myself to burn out.  I am bad at truly considering the cost of saying yes to certain things in my life.  This is how one of my New Year's Resolutions came about "Say Yes To Family".  This resolution reminds me that I should only take on things that won't detract from my family time.

I really don't know why my "word" wasn't immediately clear to me this year.  All of my resolutions basically point to my yearning to be more intentional with my time, things and life.  So with that in mind, I begin the last 11 months of the year with a word to help guide my decisions.  Intentional.  Ahhhhh......I like the sound of it already!

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