Friday 25 August 2017

High Five For Friday- 25.08.16

Wow!  At this time next week it will be September.  I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by!  We have another family vacation planned before the end of summer and I am excited to get away.  I am linking up with KatieTifDella and Becky for H54F.

1.  I adopted my Grandma's orange tree when she moved into the nursing home.  It was doing really well up until Elizabeth's birthday in May.  I think that perhaps something happened to it at the party.  It began to wilt and act strange.  We repotted it in hopes of saving the tree but it didn't seem to work.  Finally, as a last resort, I had my Hubby place it outside in the heat and sunshine.  I was hoping the fresh air would revive it.  Alas, the tree looked deader than a door nail.  For some odd reason, I kept watering it now and then when I was watering my other plants out front.  It was actually pretty crazy, because this tree showed no signs of life.  The other night Hubby came in and told me that the tree had a shoot growing out of the bottom of it.  I thought it was a weed, but lo and behold the shoot is really coming right out of the orange tree!  Ollie the Orange Tree is alive.  (What?  You don't name your houseplants?)  I am absolutely thrilled.  It was a lovely reminder of what God can renew even when we may think things are too far gone. I am happy to still have the tree alive and doing well.

2.)  We spent last weekend at my parent's cabin.  It was quite cool, but I welcomed the colder weather.  Miss. E had a blast playing in the dirt and running around.  It is my favourite place on earth.

3.)  We took Penny for her yearly vet checks and she is doing well.  Miss. E was thrilled to get a sticker from the vet that said "Good Pet Owner".  It was cute.  I appreciated the vet being so good with both my dog and my precocious little girl.

4.)  My Mom gave us a box of carrots from her garden.  They are SO delicious!  We have been enjoying them for fresh eating and I froze a bunch to use in the winter months.  We are so grateful that Mom has a bounty of carrots to share.

5.)  Miss. E and I attended a fun playdate this week with an old friend and a new one.  I truly believe playdates are as important (if not more important!) for Moms as they are for the kids.  We had such a great time.

How was your week?  How are you spending your last weekend in August?


  1. Happy Friday! We've had the worst luck with plants this year but glad your orange tree is revived! Beautifully Candid

  2. My grandmother had the green thumb of all green thumbs. I, however, do not have that. I so hope Ollie lives and thrives! And you are totally right - play dates are for moms, not the kids! :)

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way! LOL.