Wednesday 13 December 2017

November- Goals and the No-Spend Year

Wow.  It is hard to believe how quick 2017 has slipped away.  I am very happy with my goal progress.  With only a few short weeks until the end of the year, I am quite happy with the results of my goals.

Goal #1- Complete a No-Spend Year

November was another successful month.  I feel like this goal has really taught me about my spending habits.  I am much more resourceful now.  I tend to search my own home to find the things that I 'need'.  It has given me pause and made me think more about my consumerism and how it affects myself and my family.  Shopping is no longer an option for my self care and that is a wonderful thing.  I have learned how to best care for myself without the temporary high that shopping gives.  I have really enjoyed my no-spend year so far.

Goal #2- Establish a Self-Care Routine

This goal goes hand in hand with the above goal.  Self care (for me) really boils down to getting enough sleep (oh boy, that one is going to take a hit soon!), being careful not to over-schedule myself (October is a great example of how that worked out), and taking time to be alone.  I am really an introvert by nature and I find myself recharged when I get to spend time alone.  This past month I have been really good at asking for help when I need and resting when I need it.  I haven't been pushing past my limits (much) and it has made a big difference in my health and well-being.

Goal #3- Say Yes To Family Time

This goal has gone well again.  I have learned how to prioritize family time.  External pressures always exist, but I am much better at letting those pressures go when my family requires quality time.

Goal #4-  Start School in September

On hold during my pregnancy and newborn phase.

Goal #5- Learn more about traditional prayers and incorporate them into my prayer life.

I think I finally have this goal figured out.  I have decided against trying to incorporate these prayers in a "schedule", but rather every time I have a certain intention.  I have quite a few mothers on my prayer list, so when I pray focus my prayers on them, I incorporate the traditional prayers.  It has worked well and I plan to continue this pattern.

Goal #6-  Establish a routine for the blog and stick to the blog's vision.

I have done more background work on the blog in terms of planning and narrowing the type of posts that I want to write.  I plan to implement these changes in the New Year and I am excited to do so.  My routine will have to change when Baby arrives, but I am hoping my planned framework for the blog will help me through those changes.

How have your goals gone?  Have you achieved your resolutions?  There are still a few weeks left!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your no-spend year success!!! That is so wonderful, Ashley! (Also, it feels like just yesterday that you were announcing this goal. 2017 seriously flew by.) As someone who also shops to self-soothe, it's so interesting and inspirational to see how a self-care routine helped you to get away from shopping or spending impulsively.

    1. Thank you so much, Jess! I am actually surprised that I basically pulled it off!