Tuesday 17 April 2018

5 Minute Project- Miss. E's Closet

This is not a clothing organization post.  That would definitely take more than 5 minutes.  Miss. E's closet holds shelves that hold items other than clothing.  What you can't see is the shelf above this (which I apparently didn't feel the need to photograph).  It holds a few sentimental items that I kept as Miss. E has grown.  I pulled out the items from her keepsakes that Miss. Em would be able to use.  Everything else basically remained the same on that shelf.

Here is the before:

This was a quick organizing job.  I pulled out any shoes, bathing suits, etc. that no longer fit Miss. E.  I shuffled items around and straightened what was staying in the closet.

Ahhh... Much better.  Five minutes is all it takes, people.  (Thank goodness.)

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