Wednesday 30 May 2018

My Spring Uniform

Spring has been a strange season in the past few years.  We seem to jump from winter to summer.  There is very little in the way of 'warm' temperatures.  It just seems to go straight to hot.  This will be my last 'Spring' wardrobe post for that reason.  I will put up my Summer Capsule next week.  My Spring wardrobe features far too many transitional items and I have been wearing all the summer things lately.

I wore a version of the same outfit over and over again this Spring.  I wore my cropped pants with a tank top so much that it really became my uniform.  I layered one of my flowy tank tops over a super stretchy tank in the same colour to create breastfeeding friendly look out of 'regular' tops.  I lived in breastfeeding tank tops with my first daughter, but four years later they just aren't doing the trick for me.  I far prefer having a supportive breastfeeding bra under a stretchy tank that can be manipulated for discreet feeding.  When it is time to feed my daughter, I simply lift the top shirt and pull the other tank down.  My stomach and back are never exposed and my top layer does a great job covering the upper part of my chest.  I have been really happy with this system.

Happy Wednesday!

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