Wednesday 24 October 2018

Wardrobe Wednesday-My First 10x10 Challenge

The weather here has been so beautiful.  It has truly felt like Fall over the past couple weeks.  Cool but not cold.  I love this weather!  On Monday I started participating in the Fall 10X10 challenge.  You can read more about it on Caroline's blog.  Caroline was the blogger who inspired me to start using capsule wardrobes and I have been enjoying her Fall 10X10 challenge.  The cliff notes version is that you pick 10 items to wear for 10 days.  I chose my red sweater, black sweatshirt, wine red tee, plaid shirt, black long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, black leggings, leather jacket, runners and boots.  The outfits in the post are from this past week and are not all part of the 10x10 challenge.

Happy Wednesday!

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