Monday 26 November 2018

Simple Holiday Season-Nature

The holidays have many natural elements that add to the magic of the season.  Snow, trees, garland greenery and pine cones are prevalent in decor at this time of year.  We are intimately tied to nature and that relationship plays out in many ways over the holiday season.

I love to spend time in nature.  It can make the fast-paced holiday season feel calm.  Spending time in nature allows us to experience many different emotions.  It can gift us with a moment to breathe and recollect our thoughts.  It can bring us exhilaration and joy.  Nature is a wonderful teacher, a terrific playground and a place of peace. 

I try to go outdoors with my two young daughters every day, even when it is cold.  Sometimes we don't stay out for long, but I feel that it is important for us to be in nature every day that we can.  Here are some of our favourite outdoor activities:

-Walks (Walking is excellent exercise and a great way to explore your neighbourhood.)
-Making snow angels.
-Building snowmen
-Playing at the playground.
-Looking for birds.
-Checking out animal tracks in the snow. (We have a local park that has its fair share of small wildlife!)
-Cross country skiing or snow-shoeing
-Looking for pinecones
-Checking out frosty trees.

This week I challenge you to spend a little time in nature.  Even if you only enjoy a few moments outside; try to breathe in the calm, admire the beauty and maybe even have a little fun. 

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