Monday 7 January 2019

January Clean and Purge- Week 1

I love the quiet and calm of January.  The Christmas decorations are put away, the house is quiet and there isn't nearly as many items on my calendar!  I love to do an annual clean and sort of my home.  I didn't do it last year, as I had a newborn.  I am definitely ready to dive in this year!

My goal with this is to clear clutter and wipe down the room.  I neglect my baseboards throughout the year so I am trying hard to wipe them all down.


I started in my living room when we took our decorations down.  I removed items that didn't belong, and put away the objects that did.  I cleaned the floors, baseboards, mantle, shelves, and other furniture.  Hubby got all the dust bunnies out from under the couch. (A team effort always helps!)  I wiped down the ceiling fan.  

  • wash throw blankets
  • wipe baseboards
  • wipe light fixtures and lamps
  • dust all furniture
  • clean under all area rugs and furniture
  • sort through media equipment and entertainment- donate anything that no longer serves your family


The next room on my list was the kitchen and dining room.  I went through my pantry and got rid of any outdated food (there wasn't much!).  I wiped all the shelves and put things back neatly.  I washed down my coffee station, wiped baseboards and the light fixture/ceiling fans.  The kitchen cabinets and counter were all scrubbed and the inside of the cupboards were wiped/organized.  I still need to clean the oven and the fridge but I plan to complete that after my daughter's birthday party this weekend.

  • wipe down all counters and surfaces
  • dust the tops of the cupboards
  • wash baseboards
  • wash cabinet doors
  • scour sink
  • go through each cupboard- donate items that you no longer use
  • go through fridge.  Get rid of outdated food and wipe all surfaces
  • go through pantry.  Get rid of outdated food and wipe all surfaces
  • clean dishwasher
  • clean oven/stove
  • deep clean your coffee maker
  • empty your toaster's crumb tray
Are you tackling home projects this year?  Do you do a deep clean of your home regularly?

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