Monday 26 August 2019

Transitioning Back to School

It's that time of year again.  Summer is over and kids are heading back to school.  Although I love the freedom of summer, I am ready to settle into a routine again.  The transition back to school is made easier if you ease your family back into the routine before you actually head back. 

1.)  Get back to bedtimes.  I honestly stay consistent with bedtimes with my kids all summer long.  We let them stay up late for the odd special event, but everyone in our house is happier when we stick to bedtimes.  If your kids have been staying up later start rolling back their bedtime 15-20 minutes a night until you arrive at their ideal bedtime.

2.)  Wake up on time.  This one will be starting in our house this week.  While we stick to bedtimes, I have been letting my kids get up at whatever time they want.  We will be back to our regular wake up time this week.  After waking up we will also get back to our morning routine so that we will be used to getting ready to leave the house on time.

3.)  Stick to mealtimes.  In our house meal times and snack times get blurry in the summer.  It feels like my kids eat all day long.  My child will not get to eat all day at school.  This week we will start eating at designated times.  I will have to keep my girls busy in between because both of my kids love to snack.

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