Monday 9 March 2020

Home Reset 2020- Downstairs Closet

Our downstairs closet holds our off season clothes and equipment, shoes/boots and my maternity clothes.  I wanted to store our baby clothes in this closet so I had to make room.  I transferred my off season clothes to the closet in my bedroom and went through all the items.  I got rid of anything that was stained, didn't fit or wasn't being used.


The closet extends past the doors.  I stacked boxes of baby clothes and my maternity clothes back there because I won't need easy access to it.  I had been keeping off season items in that white rolling drawer system, but I switched to labelled containers that my mother-in-law gave us at Christmas.  The rolling drawer system found a new home upstairs.  I put the girls' art supplies in there and it has really helped us keep things in order.


This closet is so much easier to use now.  I can quickly access items for each family member and I don't have to dive to the back to locate something.

Happy cleaning, friends!

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