Monday 6 April 2020

Home Reset 2020- The Deep Freezer

Our house came with a huge (and old) deep freezer.  It has been great for storing our extra food and we use it all the time.  I went through the freezer to take a bit of an inventory and to get rid of anything that was no longer good.



I sorted the contents of our freezer by type of food.  Frozen meals are together, meat is all in one place and so is frozen fruits/veggies.  It makes it much easier when I am trying to find something. I try to keep it this way, but I do tend to just throw items in when I am in a hurry.  I try to reset the freezer every quarter to keep it from getting too bad.

  • Take every item out.
  • Check dates and get rid of anything that is out of date or badly frostbitten.
  • Replace items and group like items together.  You can use cardboard boxes to help organize the bottom of the freezer.

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