Thursday 23 July 2020

Doing the Work

Racism has been at the forefront of conversations in the last couple months.  There is a lot of work to be done so that everyone is safe and has true equality where we live.  I have been doing the work for a while now and yet I know I have much to learn.  Today I want to share a few resources that I have found helpful.

Resources for Children:

  • I purchased the course "The White Families' Guide to Talking About Racism" from Education With An Apron.  I have been working through the course with my 6 year old.
  • We have purchased books that center BIPOC characters, written by BIPOC authors.  We have been working to diversify our book shelf.  We have a limited budget but we will keep adding to our bookshelf.  I have found wonderful recommendations from the following accounts on Instagram:
  • Our toy 'community' is now much more reflective of the world around us and includes dolls from of different races
Resources for Adults:
  • Rachel Cargle  I have become a patron on Patreon for Rachel's work and I am learning from the resources she provides there and on her website.
  • Ibram X. Kendi has a must-read book called How To Be An Antiracist
  • Jaris is an Indigenous Pharmacy professor in Saskatchewan who has great posts regarding racism and the work that Canadians need to do.
  • Austin Channing Brown wrote a must-read booked called I'm Still Here.

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