Monday 2 January 2023

New Year, Old Me

I decided that this year would be a year of coming back to myself.  2022 was consumed with taking care of my new baby, adjusting to life with 3 kids and being back to in-person schooling.  It was definitely a learning curve, but there was a lot of joy and sweetness in my life.  As our routines become slightly more predictable and as I learn the ropes of how to get 3 kids out of the door on time, I am ready to step out of survival mode and back into life.  While survival mode is something that I suspect will happen throughout 2023, I am hopeful it won't be my main mode.

My word of the year for 2023 is restore.  I want to re-establish good habits that have served me in my life.  I want to start taking better care of myself again.  I want to take time to do things that bring me joy and make me feel like myself.  I want to create capsule wardrobes again and write in this blog.

I have a few goals for the year.  The goals are as follows:

  • Catch up on making our family photo books.  I am 5 years behind.  Enough said.
  • Make time for intentional movement/strength training 3-5 days a week.  This is so important for my mental health, but I wasn't able to do this well in 2022.
  • Share the mental load.  I carry almost all of the mental load associated with our 3 kids and (mostly due to some pretty rough sleep deprivation) I am becoming burnt out.  My husband is a perfectly capable father and can handle taking over some of this mental load.  He and I are discussing how to make this work.
  • Have better sleep hygiene.  Every time I complain about one of my children's penchant for procrastinating bedtime, I know that I should just look in the mirror.  I like being up alone at night.  I like having time to myself where no one needs me.  I crave alone time.  I am also exhausted.  So. Very. Exhausted.  The kindest thing I can do for myself is get more sleep when I can.  I have set an alarm on my phone for 10:00 so that I get up and get ready for bed.  My phone will also stop allowing me to scroll at this time.  I plan to be in bed by 10:30.
What are your goals for 2023?  I hope you all have a gentle and peaceful 2023.


  1. Love seeing your beautiful face again, Ashley! I came back to blogging last year in a similar way--when I realized just how much joy this creative outlet brought me. And then there's the joy of community too. "Restore" is a great choice. That should be my word of the year too, HA!

    1. Thank you, Jess! <3 It is nice to have something that is just for pure enjoyment, right? I love my "bloggy" friends (like you!) and I have really missed being a part of that blogging community. I cant wait to ease back into things!