Friday 5 September 2014

High Five For Friday! (Already?!?)

Hello!  It seems that this week has gotten away from me!  I had the best of intentions for getting my Wednesday "Minimalism Week #2" post up, but it is now Friday and that obviously isn't happening.  Miss E is going through quite a growth spurt right now (eating, eating, eating, eating) and we spent Saturday-Tuesday five hours from home.  When we got home, the piles of laundry were overwhelming and I desperately needed to grab sleep when I could.  I plan to be more organized and have my posts written BEFORE my next excursion, so that when I get back all I have to do is hit publish.  I will be posting my "Minimalism Week #2" post over the weekend.  Thanks for your patience!

Okay!  I can not believe that it is Friday!!!  This week flew by!  We got home late Tuesday night, so I guess we didn't have a "true" week this week, but still.  It seems like time is flying.  Here is my High Five For Friday:

1.)  We got to meet the newest member of my husband's family this weekend!  We met his cousin's baby who is just two weeks old.  She is so tiny and adorable!  She made Miss E. (three months old) look like "Godzilla".  A very cute "Godzilla", of course!

2.)  Shopping for Miss E!  I had gone through all the gifts that Miss E. received and washed the 3-6 month clothes.  People have been very generous!  I noticed that most of the clothes are Summer outfits.  I picked up a few long sleeve onesies, leggings and sweaters for layering with the Summer outfits.  I even bought her a snowsuit for our Fall/Winter walks!  Anything pint-sized is adorable so I had to rein myself in a bit.  We also picked up her Halloween costume.  My mother-in-law used to make my hubby's costumes and my mom used to make my costumes.  I am not so talented with the sewing machine, so Miss. E will have to settle for a costume from the store.

3.)  Fall wardrobe!  Fall is my favourite time of year to dress for!  I usually put together a list of items to add to my wardrobe for each season.  I picked up a few of those items this weekend and I am quite happy with them.  With each season comes the time to go through my closet, so that post will likely be coming soon!

4.)  My hubby's Godmother (his auntie) and Oma.  My husband has such wonderful family and his Godmother and Oma hosted us this weekend.  They are wonderful, loving women and they absolutely spoiled us!  They made us delicious meals and gave us a place to stay!  I so enjoy being around them.  They make you feel right at home.

5)  My in-laws.  My brother-in-law made a beautiful photo slide show of Miss E for us.  It was beautiful and well done.  It brought me to tears (of course)!  My mother-in-law had it put on a USB for us, along with all the photos and videos she has of Miss. E.  I appreciated this greatly, as Miss. E and I were separated for 36 hours after her birth.  She was transferred to the NICU in a different city, while I was forced to stay behind, in hospital, due to an infection I had acquired during my labour and delivery.  Hubby went to the city with Miss. E and his parents met him there.  I was so grateful that my mother-in-law had the idea to film Miss. E for me and take lots of pictures.  Even though I couldn't be there, I didn't have to miss out on her first few hours entirely.  My mother-in-law is extremely considerate and kind.  I am so grateful to have her in my life.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, as well!  Link up at to join in on H54F!


  1. I haven't posted in over a week :s I feel like that last week was gone with a blink of an eye! Seriously not sure how it happened. Hopefully this weekend I can get things caught up :)

    I'm also no good with a sewing machine but that is one of my "mommy goals" I want to learn so I can be that mom haha the one that makes costumes and bakes cakes (also working on that skill)

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

    1. My mother-in-law tried to teach me to sew. She has the patience of a saint! I am not quite as patient. Ha Ha! Maybe it will be a slowly acquired skill. ;) I hope you have a lovely weekend!