Tuesday 23 September 2014

Minimalism Week #5- Throwing the Throw Pillows

I am back from a beautiful wedding in Banff, Alberta.  I totally enjoyed myself and therefore my minimizing was not so impressive this week.  I did visit with a good friend in Calgary and her condo made me feel very inspired to get back to paring down.

Throw pillows.  That is where we are at this week.  After Miss. E was born, I shoved all the pillows into my linen closet and hope chest.  They were just one more thing I didn't want to deal with.  Between the laundry and feeding my daughter, there was no time to arrange the pillows.  As a result, my linen closet looked (even more) terrible!  I made a decision.  Did I gain anything from these pillows?  Did they really enhance my life?  The short answer is no.  I originally bought them as a way to bring colour into my home. As I developed my interior design, the pillows became less important to the overall look.  I have decided to get rid of them completely.  My husband is doing a happy dance as I write.



The linen closet and hope chest have room again!  I will have to tackle the linen closet one day, but that is for another time!

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