Monday 27 October 2014

Minimalism Week #10- "Catch All" Closet Part 2

When I started to tackle the closet today, I discovered two things.  Number 1: My 5 month old daughter is not a happy camper when she isn't the center of Mommy's attention.  Number 2:  The one shelf almost exclusively stores caulk, car wipes and other things that I can't identify.  This would be my husband's department and I plan to set him to work this coming weekend.  The very top shelf houses a box of replacement light bulbs and an old dog blanket.  I kept the light bulbs and will pitch the dirty/torn blanket the next time we take a drive to the dump.

I didn't remember to take a before photo.  My apologies.  My sewing and craft shelf took an overhaul.  I pitched a bunch of fabric scraps and old buttons off of outfits that are no longer in my possession.  It looks so much better and it feels good to have everything organized and ready to go.

Here is the "after":

Like I said, the top two shelves should be dealt with over the weekend, thanks to Hubby.  I am sorry for the short post.  I am still learning to manage my time with Miss. E.  Have a wonderful week!

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