Monday 5 January 2015

Hello 2015!

I love making New Year's Resolutions!  I actually stick to them, too!  I make my resolutions clear.  For instance, I wouldn't write "I will get into better shape".  Instead I write: "I will walk the dog five times a week".  I find setting a goal with parameters helps me stay on track.  I use my day timer to mark my progress.  I don't always meet my goals, but I find that the consistent effort leads to decent habits being formed.

This year, I plan to continue my focus on minimalism.  My husband and I want to continue paring down our belongings.  I am going to bring minimalism to the rest of my life, as well.  I plan to continue my concerted effort to say no to events or projects that I don't have the time or passion for.  Hubby and I have started meal planning (just our suppers!) in hopes of bringing organization to our grocery shopping.  It should also save us money.  I also want to be much more intentional with my shopping.  I am loving the winter capsule wardrobe, so I will likely continue the process!

My husband and I have found that our path towards minimalism has given us freedom and the ability to focus on what we truly want out of our lives.  I try to practice mindfulness in my day to day life and it has had a huge impact on my sense of peace and happiness.  Deep breathing, guided meditation and prayer are wonderful ways for me to practice mindfulness.

I urge you to sit with yourself. without distraction.  Try some deep breathing and focus on how you feel with your life.  Are you feeling happy?  Content?  Or are you feeling torn, unhappy, and overwhelmed?  If you aren't feeling centered, is there something you can do about it?  Often, I find that I already know the answers to what I need to do with my life.  I just get distracted from it.  You need to shut out the "noise" to find your path.  Of course, then comes the difficult part.  You must head down the path and shed the baggage holding you down.  Material things, toxic relationships and crammed schedules need to go.  Make time for what truly matters.  Easy?  Definitely not.  Worth it?  Beyond a shadow of a doubt!

I hope that 2015 will be a great year for you.  I invite you to come along with me as I work with my family to bring minimalism to all aspects of our life.

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