Friday 3 April 2015

High Five For Friday- 03.04.15

Hello everyone!  The Easter weekend is upon us.  I hope that you all have a safe and joyful celebration surrounded by those you love.  Here are my five highlights from the past week:

1.)  I saw Cinderella with my Mom.  It was nice to have a "girls night out".  The film was beautiful.  The costumes were stunning and the magic was so enchanting.  I have always been a huge fan of Cinderella, so I truly enjoyed it.  I did think that it could have used a bit more of the witty Disney humor that we have all come to know and love.  The humor would have helped to lighten the darker parts.  I enjoyed the message: "Have courage and be kind".  I think that it is wonderful advice.

2.)  My little one is on the mend after feeling sick .  It is hard to see her feeling crummy so I am glad she is doing better!

3.)  My Grandma was moved to the nursing home this week.  We were all worried sick over how she would cope with the transition.  She is doing well and enjoys her new home!  We are so thankful that she is happy and doing well in her new home.

4.)  I got Miss. E's Easter pictures back and they are beautiful!  I have them up all over the house and they are so sweet!

5.)  Miss. E will clap her hands when we say "Yay!" and when she hears applause.  It is so cute.  She also likes to put my face in her hands, one hand on each cheek, before placing a big, slobbery kiss on my face.  It is also so very adorable!

How was your week?  Link up with the ladies below to join in!

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