Friday 24 April 2015

High five For Friday- 24.04.15

Wooooo!  It is Friday!  It was a pleasant, productive week.  Here are my five:

1.)  I started visiting my acupuncturist again and it is helping immensely.  I plan to do a short post on it.  I have found such relief through my acupuncture treatment.

2.)  I finished all of my Shutterfly albums for the past year.  I finished yesterday and I ordered them.  I plan to have them out at Miss. E's first birthday party for people to peruse.

3.)  I had an awesome phone date with my college roommate.  I love catching up with her!  It was wonderful.

4.)  I finished making the invites for Miss. E's first birthday.  They turned out great!  I am so excited.

5.)  Miss. E is stretching her vocabulary this week.  She says, "Hi Kitty!" and "Hi Doggy!".  It is so sweet and exciting.  She is going to have the gift of gab like her Mama.  Her poor father might see it as a curse, rather than a gift.  Ha ha!  I will leave you a picture of Miss. E getting into trouble.

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  1. You'll love the gift of gab :) How adorable. And what fun having all the First Birthday plans coming together. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. It is very exciting to have her first birthday plans come together! I am so excited. :). I had a lovely weekend! I hope you did, too!

  2. They are so funny when they start talking! Of course, it's also cute to hear the baby gibber gabber when they are telling you things.

    Great job on the Shutterfly albums, I always said I would for Juliet's first birthday, but definitely didn't end up getting to it.

    1. I love her baby gibberish with her mix of real words. It all makes sense to her! Ha ha!

      The Shutterfly albums took FOREVER. I am so glad they are done. I plan to keep up on them, now. It would be easier than doing a whole year's worth! We'll see if I stick to it, though! ;)