Monday 5 March 2018

5 Minute Project- Winter Accessories

Our entrance closet can get a little out of hand at times.  Winter accessories were taking over and it was driving me crazy.  I snagged a few minutes and decided to tackle my winter accessories and Miss. E's accessories.


We each have a drawer and a bin in the closet.  The drawer is intended for items that we use all the time and the bin is for lesser used items.


I took all of the items out of the drawers and bins.  I spread them out on the floor and decided what needed to stay and what needed to go.  I put a few away touques that were too small for my daughter.  I took out items that we weren't currently using.  Some things in the bins actually have homes elsewhere in the house so they were returned to their rightful place.  When I was through with sorting, I put back what was left.


Things were much better organized after my sort through.  It is easier for us to find what we need and it looks so much better.  The best part of all was that it only took me 5 minutes to do this project!  

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