Wednesday 7 March 2018

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe

My youngest daughter is currently 2 months old.  Like most women, my body does not currently resemble the body that I had before I got pregnant.  It can take a long time to lose the baby weight and it is important to be gentle with ourselves as we go through that process.  I find dressing my postpartum body to be a challenge.  Very little of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe fits and my maternity clothes are all too big.  My clothes also have to be nursing friendly.  I recently built a small postpartum capsule wardrobe to help dress me in this stage of my life.

At 16 pieces, my postpartum capsule is by far the smallest capsule I have ever created.  It includes my tops, bottoms and jackets.  I didn't include my winter jacket and boots in the photos.  I will change these out with a lighter jacket and runners when Spring finally hits my neck of the woods.  I didn't include any accessories in my count.  I don't currently wear much in the way of accessories. 

My capsule consists of 10 tops, 2 jackets, 2 pairs of pants, my winter coat and my winter boots.  I plan to replace my maternity jeans soon with a pair of regular jeans that fit my current size.  The maternity jeans are not fitting well and constantly fall down.  They will have to do, however, until I can go shopping.  I didn't include any skirts or dresses in this capsule as nothing I own fits well.  I can dig something out of storage if I absolutely need to wear a dress or skirt, but we have no events that require this in the near future.



Do you have any tips for dress a postpartum body?  I would love to hear them!

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