Friday 15 June 2018

Frugal Friday- Travel Edition

It is that time of year.  Everyone is hitting the road.  The weather is beautiful and we want to soak up all the fun that summer has to offer.  Travelling can be expensive (especially with sky-rocketing gas prices!) so I wanted to share some money-saving tips that my family uses.

Oh my heart.  She is so little here!

1.)  Pack your lunch.  I know.  I know.  Fast food is easier.  It is also more expensive and can make you sick.  (Car sick with kiddos?  No thank you.)  We try to pack our meals in a cooler and eat on the road.  This saves us time (my 4 year old can make a fast food meal last over an hour!) and money.  Eating at restaurants (fast food or otherwise) isn't cheap.  My oldest daughter loves "road lunch".  I pack a cooler with sandwiches, cut up fruit, cheese, crackers and a fun dessert.  She loves it!  I always make sure to bring her a small dish or bowl to eat out of.  We also fill our reusable water jugs at home and bring along a small camping water jug to refill them.  I have brought my own coffee in a thermos, as well, although Hubby and I sometimes get fancy coffee when we travel.  We don't have that option where we live.

2.)  Set your cruise control at the speed limit.  Yup.  We are those people.  We drive the speed limit and not above.  It is easier on your vehicle, your tires and it is so good for your fuel mileage.  Trust me.  Gas isn't cheap anymore.  Speeding tickets aren't either.

3.)  Find free rest stops on your way.  On really long trips we try to stop at a park or a rest stop that has free (clean!) bathrooms.  I really hate using gas station bathrooms if I am not buying anything so I really look to avoid this scenario.  Parks are great, because they often have bathroom facilities nearby and the kiddos can stretch their legs.  We also bring along a potty for our oldest daughter because sometimes the next stop is just too far for her.

4.)  Double check your list.  Before I leave on a trip I make really extensive lists.  It probably looks a little cray-cray but it helps me get organized.  Go over your list and really try to plan for the most likely scenarios.  This will help make sure that you don't forget something important like underwear or Tylenol.  It will also save you the headache of trying to purchase something you forgot.  I am not suggesting you pack your whole house, just make sure you write a list of all the things you need.  Don't trust your memory to store it all.

5.) Save money when you do eat out at a restaurantJuice and pop (or as my American friends would say, soda) cost quite a bit of money and can really escalate the cost of a meal out at a restaurant.  We just drink water, unless it is included in the cost of the meal.  We also don't always purchase a separate meal for our daughter.  She is 4 and is often so wrapped up in the noise and buzz of the restaurant, that she forgets to eat her meal.  We like to discuss what we are getting and as long as one of us has a meal that she will eat, we share with her.  Restaurant meals have massive portions and there is always enough food to go around!

What are the ways you like to save money on while traveling?  I would love to hear all about them!

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  1. That's a good idea, sharing your meal with Miss E! And I've been going away one night a week for the past month and a half and I always manage to forget something. You'd think I'd have it down to a science by now! I guess I need to make a list too haha.