Monday 4 June 2018

Summer 2018

With summer finally here, I decided to make a list of things that we want to do or accomplish this summer.  Hubby's work is busy again, so there will be a lot of time at home this summer.  This actually suits me just fine.  I am a bit of a homebody and it will be nice to enjoy our yard.

1.)  Have 'pool' days when it is hot out.  We live 2 blocks from the local swimming pool and we bought a small 'kiddie' pool this year.  I plan to utilize both on hot days.  Miss. E and Miss. Em love the water so this plan will be a hit.

2.)  Go to the cabin.  We have already gone this year and we plan to go more.  The first weekend had it's rough points (weird weather, forgotten items, cranky kid), but we learned what we could and hope to be better prepared next time.  Packing for 2 kids is another curve but we are slowly getting it. 

3.)  Work on our garden.  We have already planted our garden and we have been tending to it.  Miss. E is really excited to see our plants coming up.  She can help me water and hopefully she will want to eat everything that we have grown.

4.)  Work on Miss. E's letters.  Playschool was wonderful and really helped Miss. E along with writing here name.  I hope to continue that work over the summer.

5.)  Play. All. The Games.  This one would make my family shake their heads.  When I was younger they had to force me to play cards and board games with them.  I wasn't that interested in games and would have rather spent my time reading.  Looking back, I am happy that they made me participate.  Those are some of my fondest childhood memories.  We bought a board game at a garage sale a few weeks ago and Miss. E loves it!  I will be on the lookout as we continue to garage sale over the summer.

6.)  Hit up garage sales.  I am really trying hard to buy used items.  It is better for the environment and cheaper.  I really want to do this with things like games and outdoor toys, so we will be hitting up garage sales to see if we can find the items on our list.

7.)  Find a splash park.  We don't have a splash park in our town, but my daughter loved playing at a splash park last year on our holiday.  I know of a few parks nearby and I think that we should check them out.

8.)  Go on our family's camping weekends.  We camp with each side of the family every year so we plan to participate again.  It is always fun to spend time in the great outdoors with family.

9.)  Paint the swing set.  Our swing set came from my Grandma's yard when she moved into the nursing home.  It is in great shape, but needs a little paint. 

10.)  Hit up a fair.  Mini doughnuts... need I say more?

What are you planning to do this summer?  What is on your list?

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