Friday 14 September 2018

Frugal Friday- Eating At Home

Eating at restaurants is so expensive.  Hubby and I don't often dine out unless we are in a different city.  This year we are working to reach some personal financial goals so we have decided to try to eliminate as much excess and possible.  This includes ordering take out when we are too tired to cook.  

I don't mind cooking most of the time.  Some nights, however, it is the last thing I want to do.  Meal planning is a great tool to use to help with this problem.  I plan my meals weekly based on what we have and what is on sale.  Meal planning once a week alleviates having to figure out what to make for supper at the last minute.  It also helps eliminate waste because you are able to plan ahead and use your leftovers effectively.  Recently I came up with 'formula' for meal planning and it has helped immensely. I know what our schedule looks like most of the time so I have based my formula on that.  When it doesn't work, I simply switch the days around.  

Sunday- Roast beef or roast chicken
Monday- Meal using leftover roast meat.
Tuesday- Pasta
Wednesday- Salmon
Thursday- Chicken or Pork
Friday- Frozen Meal
Saturday- Breakfast for Supper

I have been doing "Frozen Fridays" for a little while now and I love it.  I know that I just have to grab a freezer meal out and pop it in the oven.  I love not having to do any prep, while still saving money by eating at home.  

What are your tips for meal planning?

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