Friday 7 September 2018

Simplify Fall 2018

Fall has returned.  I am the person who gets a thrill when the cool breezes begin and the leaves begin to change colour.  Fall feels like a new beginning to me.  I am not a summer person.  The heat leaves me feeling gross and I dislike the pressure to try and cram in as much "summer fun" as I can into two months.  I far prefer the cool, crisp days and the return of routine.  I am looking forward to attacking my schedule and home with vigor.

This Fall I have decided to focus on paring down our home (a never-ending process!)  and our schedule.  My hope is that by choosing to be intentional I can help my family and I can continue to embrace simple living and all that it has to offer.

I am going to share my progress in a series called Simplify Fall 2018 that I will run on Mondays in September and October.  I will post on my Instagram using the hashtag #simplifyfall2018 .  I hope you will follow along and perhaps even join me in my quest to pursue simple living.

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