Tuesday 25 November 2014

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Reveal!

My closet now consists of only the pieces in my capsule wardrobe!  It feels so empty, but in a good way!  I open my closet and I no longer have to dig through the crammed clothes to find what I want!  I feel light and free!  Isn't that what minimalism is really about?  Freedom from things?  I truly think that we underestimate how things can weigh us down.  My closet has 28 "curated" pieces that I feel I can build good, functional outfits out of!

I am going to share the clothing pieces with you, now.  I will not be showing my footwear, as I am still waiting for a pair of boots to arrive (joys of living in a rural area!).  I also will not be showing my coats in this post.  I will share those with my footwear.  I have tried to include the "brand" of the item and where I bought it.  A few of these items are "old stand-by" items so there is no guarantee that they are still available.  I don't spend a lot of money on my clothes, usually.  Most of the items are in the $30-$40 range, which I find to be affordable.

I will show you my pants and skirts first.  I have 5 pairs of pants and 2 skirts in my wardrobe, for a total of 7 "bottoms".

From left to right:
-Reitmans black legging in petite length.
-Old Navy 'Sweetheart' skinny jeans
-Old Navy Grey Ponte leggings
-Reitmans black straight leg dress pant in petite length.
-'Silver' jeans. (Bought at Ricki's a lifetime ago!)

Left: Denim skirt 
Right: Black pleated skirt
Both from Joe Fresh

I included 15 tops in my wardrobe.  This was the hardest one for me to pare down.  I tried to create a cohesive colour palette, with some variation for fun.  Here are the "tops"

From left to right:
-Oatmeal wool cape from Moose Creek Hat Co. 
-Oatmeal Denver Hayes sweater from Mark's Work Wearhouse
-White sweater from Joe Fresh

From left to right:
-Black cardigan from Joe Fresh
-Red cable knit sweater from Joe Fresh
-Plum sweater from Reitmans
-Dark green cardigan from Old Navy

From left to right:
-White sleeveless top from Old Navy
-Black and White sleeveless top from Winners (Philosophy)
-Plum breastfeeding top from Thyme Maternity
-Blue breastfeeding top from Thyme Maternity

From left to right:
-Black long sleeve breastfeeding top from Thyme Maternity
-Black and Red checked top from Joe Fresh
-Black long sleeve top, Brand: Wilfred Free from Aritzia
-Black and grey striped shirt from Reitmans

I think I have some great pieces to work with.  As you can tell, I love to shop at Joe Fresh and Reitmans.  I think that I get decent clothing and good prices.  Reitmans has some fabulous sales and I rarely pay full price for anything.  My colour palette is mostly neutral with the odd pop of colour in my tops.  I am excited to start creating outfits from my pieces and sharing them with you.

I will share my outerwear next week, along with my first wardrobe "outfit".  I hope you are all having a great week! 

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