Monday 17 November 2014

Week # 12- Tea and Coffee Cupboard

I went through my tea and coffee cupboard today.  I wanted to clear out the items that were out of date and the items that we no longer use.  We have already gone through this cupboard once.  Minimalism is a process, my friends.  I was able to part with a few things that I wasn't ready to let go of last time.  I said good bye to a few travel mugs and a tea pot (I owned three!).  I reorganized a few things.  I took tea out of boxes and put it into an open container so that it is easy to see the selection.  I tried to group "like" things on the same shelf for ease of use.

Here is the before:

And the after:

P.S.  I don't think that super sugary drinks are a good choice for your health.  Iced tea mix is one of my vices and I have it once and a while as a treat.  The other sugary syrups belong to my hubby.  Old habits die hard. 

I am working on some homemade crafts for holiday gifts for family from "Miss. E".  I hope to share some of the crafts on this blog.  I think that handmade gifts lend themselves well to the minimalist lifestyle.  They can be inexpensive, thoughtful and meaningful.  I am also eager to try the capsule wardrobe idea as done on the Un-Fancy blog.  I am finding it very difficult to maintain minimalism within my wardrobe.  I hope to share that journey with you as well.  Have a wonderful week!

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