Monday 29 December 2014

Back to Normal- Sort of...

After the rush of Christmas, I didn't get much done in the way of minimizing projects.  I thought that I would tell you about Christmas in regards to our minimalism.

Before Christmas, we each asked our families to not do adult gifts (or at least to not include us in them!).  This was fairly well-received.  We also asked that anyone buying for Miss. E keep the gifts minimal and mostly practical.

I was petrified that we would end up with a mountain of toys and things that Miss. E truly doesn't need.  I also did not want Hubby and I to end up with a bunch of things that we didn't need.

Everyone was very respectful of our minimalism requests.  Miss. E received outfits (so great!), socks, and books (always welcome!).  She received a handful of toys, but nothing outrageous.  It was so nice that our families respected our wishes and it took away a lot of stress for us.  We will definitely do the minimalist Christmas again!

If you are feeling like your holiday season is becoming overwhelmed with "things", you may want to consider this approach.  Even just cutting back can feel freeing.  It worked well for our families.  We got to focus on family and enjoying our time with one another.  It was wonderful!  And truth be told, Miss E. just wanted time with her family, to play with the wrapping paper (and try to eat it!) and to play with the large plastic ladle that someone handed her.  I hope that we can raise her to know meaningful holidays.  Holidays that focus on family and laughter, not on stuff.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday.

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