Thursday 18 December 2014

High Five For Friday!

Oh, what a week it has been!  I have been suffering with severe nasal congestion and sinus pain.  I also threw my neck out of whack.  It has been an uncomfortable week, to say the least.  I am on the mend and feel much better today!  I am always thankful when these ailments pass quickly.  It truly makes me appreciate how good I usually feel!  Here is my High Five For Friday:

1.)  Feeling better! (see above.  Enough said.)

2.)  My daughter had a 6 month follow-up appointment with her cardiologist.  I was worried sick going into the appointment.  She had some issues with her heart when she was born.  People have a valve that is open in utero that is supposed to snap closed when they are born.  Miss. E's valve didn't close when she was born, nor was it closed when we left the NICU.  The doctors thought that it might be contributing to some of the problems she had after birth.  Miss. E's cardiologist informed us that everything now looks "perfectly normal".  It was music to my ears.  I am so happy that the valve closed and that we can carry on.

3.)  My parents kept our dog when we went to the cardiologist appointment (it was an overnight trip to the city).  They were so wonderful to take the dog when I couldn't find her any other accommodation for the night.  We appreciate them helping us out!

4.)  My husband was able to elicit fits of giggles out of our daughter.  He was making funny noises and faces at her.  She was laughing so hard!  That got me laughing pretty hard, as well.  Who can resist a child's laughter?  It was a beautiful moment!

5.)  Our Christmas cards are done and dusted.  Er.... Written and sent away!  Everyone got pretty much the same message because I was trying to get them done as quickly as possible.  I left them to the last minute this year, so here is hoping that they make it on time!

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