Friday 5 December 2014

High Five For Friday!

It has been a lovely week!  I am so excited for the weekend!  Here is my week's top 5 highlights:

1.)  I won a gift bag of goodies from my local grocery store.  It is all junk food, but it was exciting to win something!  I may have indulged a bit... 

2.)  I ordered my daughter's 6 month photos.  The photographer who did them is so fantastic!  It was hard to narrow down the choices.

3.)  Miss. E is rolling over and back, now.  She is also starting to attempt crawling.  It isn't working so far, but it is amazing to watch her grow and develop!

4.)  I have kept all of my "health" goals this week.  I am trying to challenge myself because I tend to forget to keep up my healthy habits.  I find that making one easy goal a week is a good way make sure I am living a healthy lifestyle.  Hopefully it will all become second nature, soon!

5.)  We got to celebrate my Mom's birthday with her last Friday and it was a lot of fun!  Elizabeth loves spending time with her grandparents and I love seeing them with her.  My Mom is an amazing woman and I am so happy that we are as close as we are!  I am grateful to have such an awesome lady in my life!

How was your week?  Link up at to join in!

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