Monday, 30 March 2015

Minimalism Week #20 -The Cold Room

Our cold room was a perfect minimalism project and it has been several times.  We have actually done a pretty good job of clearing it out.  I did it again and I found more to get rid of! (It's a journey, not a destination.)  The only problem with this project is that our cold room has absolutely no lighting.  This means crappy photos.

I got rid of a bunch of "junk" and "functional but not useful to me" items.  I donated an ice cream making machine, some decor items and I trashed some mattress covers (for which we no longer own beds).

Here is my before:

And the after:

I realize that these photos don't really show you much.  Sorry about that!  The room is far more organized, functional and now only contains what we really need.  It always feels good to be free of more "things".


  1. Cleaning out closets is so therapeutic for me. Like you actually accomplished something big. Looks great, very organized.

    1. Thank you! My husband can always tell when I am stressed because I go on organizing binges! It is so therapeutic! I agree!