Sunday 1 March 2015

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Reveal- Tops and Jackets

I was so excited to start wearing my Spring clothes!  After poor planning in my Winter capsule, I was eager to see some colour in my wardrobe.  Today I am going to "reveal" my tops and jackets.  I settled on 18 tops, 2 blazers and 5 jackets.  I found that I wanted more variety than my winter wardrobe provided.  I also included a few more "completer" pieces that were definitely missing from my winter wear.  Here are my tops, blazers and jackets.

Old- Winners,   Old-Old Navy,   New!- Winners- $24.99

Old-Joe Fresh,   New!-Joe Fresh-16.00,   New!-Joe Fresh- $2.94 (on sale!)

Old- Thyme Maternity,   New!- Joe Fresh- $29.00,   New!- Winner's- $34.99

Old- Reitmans,   Old- Reitmans,   Old- Reitmans

Old- Thyme Maternity,   New!- Joe Fresh- $29.00,  New!- Winners- $34.99

Old- Warehouse One,   New!- Forever 21- $ 9.90,  Old- Ricki's

New!- Walmart- $29.00,   Old- Reitmans


Old- Aritzia,  Old- The Bay,  Old- Sears

Old- Eclipse,  Old- Ricki's

I incorporated a lot of my old wardrobe and spent $210.81.  ($50 of that was on a gift card!)  I am happy with my pieces and I am excited to start wearing them!


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  2. Some beautiful outfits. Have you considered modeling them and posting?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I plan to post outfits on Wednesday's from my Capsule Wardrobe. I did the same with my Winter Capsule. :). Thank you for reading!