Wednesday 31 August 2016

Working On The Fall Capsule Wardrobe

We are currently staying with my parents as we wait for our rental to be available this weekend.  All of our stuff is boxed up and it feels strange to go about our "regular" lives while not having our own home.  I have been working on my fall capsule and I currently have all of the pieces purchased.  I am just waiting until we are in our own home to make my final decisions.

I love "traditional" fall wear.  Cozy sweaters, plaid, jeans, boots and jackets are right up my alley.  Fall is by far my favourite season and I love dressing for the cooler weather (which has already begun!).

When I design a capsule wardrobe, I start by making a Pinterest board.  I include anything that I like on the board.  I try not to censor what I put on the board, I simply choose items that I am drawn to.  After I have built my Pinterest board, I look through it to find any obvious indications of what appeals to me.  I am pretty predictable, as it turns out.  I like a lot of denim, green, and red.  Once I know what I am drawn to, I can choose pieces out of my current wardrobe that will fit into the capsule.  I do like to try new things, so I allow myself to shop for a few items to round out the capsule.  This year I picked up a plaid top and a few other things.

I like the planning of my wardrobe the best.  Pinterest gives great inspiration and I often find new ways to use the items that I already own.  It is always smart to pick a budget to stick to and to only shop off of your list.  This can help prevent excessive shopping (the whole point of a capsule) and the purchase of items that don't really fit your capsule.

Are you excited for Fall?  How do you choose what goes into your wardrobe?


  1. I am with you on the "traditional" fall clothes. I cannot wait to break out all of my fall pieces! Love your Pinterest idea!


    1. Thanks, Sarah! Fall is truly the best, isn't it?