Friday 2 September 2016

High Five For Friday- 02.09.16

Wow!  It is September already!  Where did the time go?  We still aren't in our new place yet, so this week has been a bit strange.  We went on a quick family trip last weekend.  Here are my five favourite photos from last weekend:

Miss. E is obsessed with tractors.  She wants to be a farmer!
She liked the pigs but was a little freaked out by their snouts.

She loved the giant blocks at the science center.

Miss. E loved the dinosaurs at Drumheller!

Have a lovely Friday!  Linking up with the ladies below!


  1. It looks like Miss E had a very fun week!! I was a farmer for Halloween when I was about 4, so I can relate! :) Hope you guys are having a great weekend!