Monday 6 January 2020

2020 Home Reset- Living Room

In the new year I always crave calm and order.  After the fun, indulgence and general chaos of the holidays I am ready to embrace order.  Last year I started to work through my home in an effort to clean up and create order.  I got sick and my ambition fell to the wayside.  I hope to tackle my home this year.

My first stop was my living room.  My living room is where we watch television, read, where the kids play and where my home office is.  This room has many functions and is our most used room.

Step 1: Clear all unnecessary items.  We took the Christmas tree down and put away our Christmas decor.  We moved big toys downstairs to the playroom and removed anything else that did not belong.

Step 2:  Give the room a good cleaning.  We moved furniture and vacuumed the floors.  Baseboards and surfaces were wiped down.

Step 3:  Sort through the items that are left.  We went through the toys, books, magazines and papers in the room.  I took a small bin of recycling and a small bag of garbage out of the room.  I made sure to put items back in an organized manner.  

Result:  The room feels calmer, cleaner and it looks a lot bigger.  The whole project only took a couple hours and was broken up over the course of a few days.  Sometimes it is easier to do projects a little bit at a time so you don't get frustrated or bored with it.

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